Monday, December 31, 2012

Steps In Becoming An Iconic Superhero

My fascination with Superheros is well documented in my little corner of the web, but how did it all start and where is it going? It all started with a simple race and has elevated me to Iconic Superhero status.

This is my story:

My long-term readers know it all began with my running. Five years ago for my first 5k race I donned my Green Lantern t-shirt and channeled his powers. Since then, every race I have run has been run in a Superhero t-shirt. Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, Captain America; they have all been represented and served me well. I have run so many races in Superhero attire it has come to be expected (that or in a kilt, but that is a post for another time). I am the that guy in the Superhero t-shirt.

From there it evolved into Superhero Friday. Each Friday I pick out a different Superhero t-shirt, adopt his persona for the day, wish all you good citizens well on Facebook, and head off to work to save the day. I have continued this practice and have carried it into my schooling at Eureka College. This is where things really began to take shape. Friends, co-workers, family, professors, The Ocho, and others started referring to me as Batman or Superman on a regular basis. I have become the Superheros I pay tribute to through my Friday fashion statement.

Then, on Halloween, it reached a new level. The Vice President of the company for whom I work, dressed as me. You know you have hit legendary status in the Superhero world when you become a Halloween costume.

One may think I have reached the top of the Superhero world. People are now dressing as me. Can it get any better than this? Yes, yes it can. You can be immortalized as an action figure, or better yet as a bobble head. That is right my loyal citizens, yours truly has reached Iconic Superhero status. My image has been molded and preserved for eternity in the form of a bobble head.

Thank you to my brother, Brett, for making this all happen. It is hard to make out, but the base of my bobble head reads, "Happy 40th Superman". My birthday present from my little brother arrived today and needless to say, made my day. Thank you bro, it is awesome!

So that is it. That is how I became an Iconic Superhero.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Resolution

Hi all,

I trust you all had a great Christmas and are getting ready for a wonderful New Year.

With the start of a new year many of us make resolutions. These are typically sweeping statements like; save more money, keep a better house, eat better, lose weight, etc... Our intentions are always good, we have great starts, but all too often we fall short of our goals.

Why is that?

First of all, resolution is a horrible name in my opinion. A resolution is the act of determining upon an action or course of action. To me what most people want is much bigger than a choice of or change in course of action. What we really want is a life change. We are not deciding to save more money for three weeks, clean our homes for a couple of days, or lose weight just to put it all back on. We want our lives to have a permanent change going forward.

Secondly, the common resolutions I just named are too general. What is more money? What is eating better? How much weight do I want to lose? We need to define our resolutions much more clearly than we typically do. It is ok to have the big picture of weight loss, but first we need to set a goal for both amount and time to get there. When doing so, be realistic. If a goal is too extreme it will be difficult to reach and therefore easy to give up. Also, and most importantly, make small, easily attainable goals along the way so you have little victories to celebrate and keep you motivated. If your overall goal is 20 lbs, have a goal of 1-2 lbs per week (this depends on body size, but the rule of thumb is 1% of your body weight).

Finally, we all too often go it alone. With no support group we make it much harder on ourselves to stay committed. Remember, we are attempting to make a permanent life change. This is not an easy task and we need all the help we can get. The first step is to tell someone what you are doing. This will make you accountable to someone other than yourself. It is all too easy to back off your new commitment if you are the only one who knows about it. Find a support group. Check the internet, your local library, or your Church. There are several people just like you out there looking for help and support. Once you have the support, do not be afraid to ask for help. I have found people love to help each other. You just have to be willing to ask. The amazing thing is, when you get help from someone you are helping them as well. Both parties find their commitment strengthened.

So, this New Year, make a decision to make a life change, make it specific and attainable, and tell someone. Let's make 2013 the best year of our lives.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Remember Me?

Where in the heck have I been? So much time has passed and so much has changed since we were last together in the blog-o-sphere. There is no way I am going to try and catch you all up on the happenings of the last year and a half. That would be simply mind-blowing! That is for a later post. Instead, I am putting you on notice... I'm Back! Turns out I really miss writing. Sure, I have been doing plenty of writing in school, but they want you to have a point and back said point up with facts. Boring! Where is the fun in that? The whole point of the No Worries Blog is there is no point. As for facts...Try and prove my stories aren't true. Sure, they might be embellished a touch, but I do it for you and your enjoyment. So, be ready for.... No Worries...Revisited! Until later, Cheers!