Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Short and Sweet

Today was a good day.

Word of the day...

prudential (proo-DEN-shuhl) adjective
1. Of or relating to prudence.
2. Exercising good judgment, common sense, forethought, caution, etc.

Bullets dodge Chuck Norris.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Extra Kids

Tonight is a special night. On a typical Tuesday evening it is just Nora, Nigel and I at home while Robin is at her Yoga tonight. We usually hang out, watch a few super hero shows and have a nice dinner. Tonight was different. My brother-in-law Brandon and sister-in-law Susan had a dinner to attend. I agreed to sit on their kids, Pete and Sofie, for them. We had a meal of grilled cheese and tomato soup. Well, all of us that is except for Pete. He dined on a new taste sensation he created on his own. Peanut butter and jelly dipped in tomato soup. He saw the rest of us doing that with our grilled cheese and figured it was a good idea. Who's to judge? Elvis liked peanut butter and banana. Maybe Pete is the next big pop star.

The kids are finishing off the night with a game of "school", coloring and singing and dancing to one of Nora's cds. Kids are fun. Kids can also be very loud. Kids multiply on each other, as do the monsters they are battling. I think we are up to one million.

Today I had what lately has become a typical day at work. A bit frustrating with the added twist of painful. The work and my actual responsibilities are just fine. It is the warehouse crew that makes me wish I had hair to pull out. They are the reason for my occasional rants &/or ventings in my blog. Today was special. First the frustrating bit. We had a temp in to help with the receptionist duties. She became overwhelmed and had a panic attack due to the thought of having to answer the phone. Not by actually answering the phone, just the idea of it. Why would you agree to take a temp job as a receptionist if you cannot answer the phone? Frustrating. Now for the pain. I walked full stride into one of the cross beams for our storage racks. Most people agree that I am hard headed, however, metal trumps my skull. I knocked the focus out of my eyes. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Word of the day...

lucent (LOO-suhnt) adjective
1. Luminous; shining.
2. Translucent; clear.

Now I am nestling on the sofa, antique crystal glass in one hand, elegant bottle of lucent amber in the other.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Thank You

This is not said enough. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank my parents, my wife's parents, and the parents of the vast majority of my family and friends. Thank you for raising us with a work ethic. Thank you for showing us the value of a dollar. Thank you for raising us with a sense of right and wrong. Thank you for giving us the building blocks needed to be successful adults. It would have been much easier to baby us and do everything for us. Easier to make sure there would not have been any bumps in the road, no consequences for our actions and decisions. But you did not. You let us get our bumps, pay for decisions, work for our money and material wants. Due to that we are the strong, well adjusted people you see now.

Thank you.

Word of the day...

Gratitude: a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Red Ale

Everyone keep your fingers crossed. I just finished the boiling process for my latest brew. It is in the primary fermenter waiting for the yeast to do its thing. My last batch failed to ferment properly. I got a little cocky and was a bit lax on the sanitation side of things. God is in the details.



Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday In Review

First of all I must give credit where credit is due. My observation of the e-mail address being your internet super highway license plate was made by Robin.
Glad I got that off my chest. Now on to the day.

We went to Sam's Club today for our monthly stock piling of essentials like coffee, pasta, mixed nuts, etc... The wandering around shopping and people watching was pretty mundane this time. Usually you can get some good blog fodder just by looking at the people and their carts. I thought the trip was going to be a bust, outside of our purchases, until we heard this gem on the way out.

I will set the scene and players.
Setting: Exit area of Sam's
Players: The two women checking your receipt.
Action: The afore mentioned women carrying on a conversation while pretending to compare
our purchases to our receipt.
Checker #1: I really prefer my hot wings boneless.
Checker #2: Me too. My husband likes his with the bones. Hey have you heard the latest on
Stacey Peterson? They found a body ya know.

I cannot think of a better segue to the discovery of a human body that a discussion on the pros and cons of bone in vs. boneless wings.

If it hadn't been for that horse I never would have spent that year in college.

I think that is enough to ponder for the day. Wish me luck. I am going to brew tomorrow.


Friday, January 25, 2008


Sicilians deserve their reputation for wearing their emotions on their sleeves and being hot-tempered.

Your e-mail address is your internet super highway license plate.

The old adage that says: "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day...but teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime; only works for men with a work ethic.

Kids are the remedy for whatever ails you.

36 degrees is really cold...
When you are inside.

The last person to know they are doing a sub-par job is the very person doing the job.

Writers block is the pits!

Word of the day catch-up. We did have a theme for the week after all.

purple prose (PUR-puhl proz) noun
An overly ornate piece of writing.

white-shoe (hwyt, wyt shoo) noun
Pertaining to a business or those who run it, typically conservative, rich, and elite, in fields such as law, finance, etc.

blue streak (bloo streek) noun
1. Something moving very fast. 2. A rapid and seemingly endless stream of words.

If I do not kick this writers block before the weekend you better believe I am going to cuss a blue streak.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vacation's Over!

Those are the words my boss used to greet me this morning when he arrived at work. He had spent the last week in California visiting his son. I tried to convince him that we missed him, and the place was too quiet while he was gone. Much to his dismay, I like having him around. He likes having the rep as a tough guy. I will admit that it had been a bit calmer and quieter. He has a habit of looking over the guys shoulders and making them nervous. I have worked with his personality type before and I am used to it. Also, I am confident in my abilities and work ethic so, I do not feel I have anything to worry about.

I am still suffering from the writers block so I am going to jump to the word of the day...

redbrick (RED-brik) adjective
Lacking prestige.
[The term usually describes universities. A redbrick university is one built in the UK after WWII, as opposed to the older prestigious institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge.

Hey, I just remembered, it is American Idol night! Break out the earplug sand enjoy.


Monday, January 21, 2008

No Title

I have hit the wall. A writers worst nightmare has completely engulfed me. I am inflicted with writers block. For the last 30 minutes I have been staring at this screen trying to come up with something clever or insightful to say, or an accounting of my day. I've got nothing. So, instead I am going with whatever mumbo jumbo spills out of my mind. This is your opportunity to navigate away before this gets weird.

How about a live play by play of the current activities in the Robinson house, that should be entertaining. Nora and Nigel and soaking in an episode of Superman with special guests Batman and the Joker. Very exciting. Robin is finishing up her proof reading work on the paper for the week. I am writing down all the exciting details. No, this is no good.

Nigel learned an important lesson today. Light bulbs get hot, do not touch them.

Perhaps some of the great one-liners I had at work today will spice up this blog. Actually, as I play them back in my mind you really had to be there to appreciate them.

Lets face it, I've got nothing. Gotta go to the word of the day...

This week we'll meet five terms related to colors -- blue, red, white, purple, and blue again -- and how they affect words' shades of meaning.
cordon bleu (kawr don BLOO) adjective Of the highest class.
A person of great distinction in a field, especially applied to a chef.

How about another gem about Chuck...

Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

What A Fantastic Weekend!

It all began Friday, as most do, with a relaxing night at home. The kids fell asleep snuggled with Robin and I as we watched Reign Over Me. As a side note that is a very good movie. Much to my surprise I was able to stay awake for the entire movie (10 p.m.), and had enough gas left to read for a bit.

Saturday began a bit later than usual for me, 6:15 a.m. I was able to lay in for the first time in recent memory. I made peanut butter pancakes for the family and got in a very good workout, (my legs are still pretty sore). Nora and Nigel played with a friend while Robin did some more work on our stairwell and landing. She got a good coat of primer up. No more yellowed rose and ribbon wallpaper! The day was capped off by a wonderful little dinner party. The hosts have been putting this dinner for 8 years now. It started out as a Christmas dinner for all 7 of their single male friends. Wives and children have been added, some of the guys have fallen off, and others added. Robin, Nora, Nigel and I were very happy to be added. There were six couples and plenty of kids. The food and company was perfect. The main course was lasagna. Somehow in the course of telling Adrianne (the hostess) that making lasagna was not a cop out I think I got myself in a lasagna bake off with her to see whose is better. It was great being with so many adults and having good conversations. Big thanks to Josh and Adrianne Yoder!

Today is Sunday. We started with church. Not exactly what the kids wanted to do today, but they warmed up to it eventually. Nigel was in the sanctuary today as we have written off the playroom for him (we think that is why he gets sick). Since the whole family was together we decided to go up and join the church. Robin's parents were there and were happy to see us join. I plan to spend the rest of the day watching football, and making pizza for dinner. I already made the sauce, just have to whip up a dough for crust.

Word of the day...

kerfuffle (kuhr-FUHF-uhl) noun
A commotion.

I hope you all have a great day.


Thursday, January 17, 2008


What a nice day. I am calm, relaxed and happy. No irritated rants today. Man, I am loving yoga. I had another class tonight and it was fantastic. I really am much more flexible than I thought, but not nearly as flexible as I should be. Touching the toes remains a distant possibility, but I have learned how to enhance the stretch of my hamstrings and how to properly bend at the waist. In addition, my hips are pretty flexible. Too cool. I do not wanna brag, but I'm kinda the star of the class.

Another reason for the calm, relaxed and happy attitude is the boss has been on vacation all week. It is almost like I have had a vacation all week. I love my employer, but he is a self admitted micro-manager. It is good to get a break from that once and a while. We have actually been a bit more productive this week since everyone else is relaxed as well.

Well time for the word of the day and a cookie....word of the day for you, cookie for me.

jobbernowl (JOB-uh-nowl) noun
A blockhead.
[From French jobard (stupid, gullible), from Old French jobe (stupid) +noll (top or crown of the head).]

Charlie Brown, you are such a jobbernowl. You can't even kick a football.

One more bit in honor of the current weather here in Central Illinois...

Chuck Norris can build a snowman out of rain.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If it hadn't been for that horse...

I never would have spent that year in college.

That is the inane statement that rattled around inside comedian Lewis Black's head after overhearing a conversation on a bus. It was so off the wall he could not shake it for hours, even days. Even in context, I am sure that comment would not make any sense. I overheard a similar conversation today.

Two women were talking about the troubles one of their sons was having in school. This is his senior year in high school and it looks like he is going to fall a few credits short of graduating. As you can imagine, it is not his fault. He failed the first half of a math class and passed the second, but since math is a subject whose topics build upon each other, the school made him take the whole class over. He responded by failing both halves. The result is he gets no credit for the class. The mother thinks that this is unjust and he should get credit for the first half. I mean he passed it once right. Never mind he showed no interest in his education by failing. Never mind that this is only one of the few credits he is short.

There was much more to that exchange, but I think you get the idea. That entire conversation and the concept behind it has rattled around in my head all day. The bit that bothers me the most is the prevailing idea today that it is always someone else's fault. No one seems able to take responsibility for their actions.


Word of the day...

scorbutic (skor-BYOO-tik) adjective Pertaining to or afflicted with scurvy.

A little humor for you...

Chuck Norris' calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd; no one fools Chuck Norris.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spoke too soon

So, do you remember my last post in which I declared the Robinson household healthy. I spoke too soon. To say I jinxed myself would be putting it mildly. In fact, I jinxed the entire family with the exception of Nigel. Nora had a head cold that clogged her ears so badly that she could hardly hear. She was laid up all weekend and missed school on Monday. A stomach bug, no stomach monster, laid waist to me. I spent the weekend curled up in a ball on the couch. On the plus side I did get to see most of the weekends football games. I tried to go to work yesterday, but two days with no food took a toll on my energy level. I came home and went back to bed. Robin was worn out from taking care of Nora and I, and chasing down, entertaining and generally wrangling a fully healthy and energized Nigel. Today Nora went to school, I made it to work, Nigel was being Nigel, and Robin did not have to play nurse to anyone. I am not going to say it, but....

We are currently getting ready to begin our January tradition of watching American Idol. I know, it is a guilty pleasure, but who can resist the horrible auditions? They are absolutely fantastic. We do eventually tire of the bad singing and are taken in by the talent. Although last year was a bit of a disappointment. The show did not seem to have "it" like in the past. We are hoping this year will be better, but there is a good chance it has run its course.

Word of the day...

supererogatory (soo-puhr-uh-ROG-uh-tor-ee) adjective
1. Going beyond the call of duty.
2. Superfluous.

Have a great night.


Thursday, January 10, 2008


Today I began taking yoga. Robin has been taking classes here in town for about a year and is quite accomplished. I am now attempting to catch up to her. Actually, I just want to be able to touch my toes again, besides when I am sitting cross-legged. That joke went over HUGE in class tonight.

The class was wonderful. Very relaxing and a good workout as well. While I was not able to touch my toes, I found that I am more flexible than I thought. I am one of two guys in the class and the youngest by about 20 years. My biggest advantage I have over the others in the class is my strength. I am able to hold poses for longer periods than others and therefore get a better stretch. I think I am really going to enjoy yoga and definitely benefit from it.

Nigel has finally gotten over his stomach bug. No more "crazy poop" as he now calls diarrhea. With that I officially declare the Robinson household germ free.

Word of the day...

donkey's years (DONG-keez yeerz) noun
A very long time. [Probably from the punning reference to a donkey's long ears.]
I gotta say it has been donkey's years since I had a night out with Robin. Fortunately we are going out tomorrow night. Thanks Al (my boss) and Mom and Dad.



Tuesday, January 8, 2008

School Days

First things first, we all survived the tornadoes. We faired better than a lot of other areas in the midwest.

Today was the big day. Nora went back to school today, and in her words it was fantastic. She was very excited to see all her friends again and get back into the fun of kindergarten. The day went off without a hitch and we are back on our normal schedule. Nigel was happy to have his own time and then thrilled when big sister came home. Today was the best they have gotten along in a few days. They do say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

In sad news, Ohio State went down in flames last night. I was really pulling for them as I do not like hearing how great the SEC is. Oh well, my Big Ten team did very well in their bowl game against the SEC, and historically has been very successful against that conference. Go Blue!

In other news, much to KFC's surprise, hot wings are popular during the football season. Twice now I have had to load wings directly from the truck they came in on, to our trucks waiting to make their deliveries. They are literally flying out the door. Raise your hand if you think hot wings and football go together, (you should all have your hands up, that is unless you are a KFC exec.).

On to the word of the day...

dog's letter (dogz LET-uhr) noun
The letter R.
[From Latin littera canina, literally dog's letter. In Latin the sound of the letter R was trilled. Think Grrr! of a snarling dog. A good example
of a trilling R is none other that the Spanish word for a dog: perro.]



Monday, January 7, 2008

Thank Heavens For The Wireless Age...

For without this technology I would not be typing tonight. We are currently under a tornado warning and experiencing some pretty major rain, thunder and lightening. We used get a little nervous running our computer during storms, but now that we are worries.
As for the storm, all is well. It is fast moving and I think will be out of our area pretty quickly. They issued the warning, but never sounded the siren.

Today is the final day of Christmas vacation. Nora is very excited about going back to school. Nigel is not too happy that she is going back, but I think he will have a nice time once he settles into our old schedule.

Nigel has a bit of a stomach bug today. It is one of those that only affects his stomach and does not dampen his spirits. I made the mistake of buying yogurt, which he loves but would be hard on his tummy, and now he is voicing his disapproval at the notion he cannot have any. He has not had any stomach related episodes since this morning so I think we may be out of the woods.

I have not done this as often....
Word of the day...

mare's nest (mairz nest) noun

1. A confused mess.

2. A hoax or an illusory discovery.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Weekend In My World

This has been a much anticipated weekend in the Robinson household. It marked the beginning of the NFL playoffs, a big rematch in the NBA, and a long awaited return to our non-holiday schedules.

On the sports front, I could not have been more excited about the games on Saturday. The Steelers had a home game against Jacksonville and the Pistons were hosting the Celtics. Neither game ended the way I would have liked. Both of my teams lost close games at home. On the plus side, the NFL playoffs are just starting and the NBA season is long from over. Plenty more sports to watch. Stayed tuned tomorrow night for LSU vs. Ohio State. Normally a Wolverine fan such as myself would not be rooting for the Buckeyes, but I would love nothing more than to see a Big Ten team knock off another SEC team.

As for the non-holiday schedule, I am not one to complain about paid time off, but days off in the middle of the week are not all they are cracked up to be. The week actually feels longer. At home, Nora has not been in school since the Friday before Christmas. Now Nigel and Nora are good buds, but they had become used to their new routines. Nora at school in the morning learning and playing with her friends, and Nigel home with Robin, doing his own thing. They have got to each other the last few days. It will be good for them, not to mention for Robin and I, for things to go back to normal. School resumes Tuesday!

Sunday has been a nice relaxing day thus far. Robin has been doing some of her proof reading for work and is now kicking back with some knitting. Nora and Nigel have spent sometime outside playing bubbles with a neighbor friend, and I am watching football, doing laundry and riping music for our sansadisk. Oh if everyday could be Sunday.

Goodbye for now...



Saturday, January 5, 2008


The turn out was fantastic. A much stronger showing than the initial pollsters indicated. Seventy-four people had an opinion on my facial hair. The Beard-icans ran a great race, getting their message out to all demographics. While the Clean-ocrats sat back and just assumed the people wanted a change. When reached for a comment, Nigel, a powerful Beard-ican lobbyist, said "I am glad Daddy is putting his beard back on".

There have been whispers that Beard is in failing health or perhaps not ready for the rigors of his newly appointed post as he has not yet been seen since his victory. However, Chris, press secretary for Beard assured us today that beard is in fantastic health and ready to serve the people. He is simply taking some time off to rejuvenate and spend time with his family. We can expect a public appearance late next week.

Until then Beard has this official statement: " I would like to thank all of my supporters for getting out and making your voices heard. To those of you who did not vote for me, as a compromise I promise to stay trimmed and well kept through out my tenure. See you all soon."


Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Hours Are Tick, Tick, Ticking....

We are closing in on the end of a hotly contested race. As of this posting only 7 hours remain until the polls close. At the moment my beard has made a dramatic comeback and now leads my clean shave by 7 votes. Baring any hanging chads in Florida I believe Nigel will be a very happy boy soon. I sure love a democracy!

I would love to type more, but my beard needs to go and prepare its acceptance speech. However, I will leave you with the word of the day...

chav (chav) noun

A youth whose behavior is marked by ignorance, aggression, and a fondness for jewelry and clothing.

[Of uncertain origin. Perhaps from Romany chav (child) or from shortening of Chatham, the name of a town in Kent, UK. The first print citation of the term in the OED is from a 2002 article in The Observer (London).]



Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Get The Vote Out

We are getting down to the wire here folks. There are only a few hours left to let your voice be heard. Will I remain clean shaven or grow back my beard? Will you side with my Dad and therefore crush Nigel? Or will you vote for Nigel's Daddy to put his beard back on? Do not hesitate, rush out to the poll now!

In other news, I have a good boss. He came into my office today, tossed an envelope on my desk, said "here are your walking papers", and left. Inside the envelope was a gift certificate for a local restaurant. He popped back in and told me that was for putting up with all his crap. Hey, at least he is aware how much he dishes out, and does something about it. What a guy. Robin and I will definitely enjoy an evening out.

Not too sure if I mentioned this recently, but.....

Michigan 41 Florida 35

Go Blue!

Well Robin is just putting the finishing touches on dinner. We will be having chili tonight and it smells wonderful. I better leave you with the word of the day before i droll on my keyboard.

commentariat (kom-uhn-TAR-ee-uht) noun

The group of people who provide opinion and analysis of events in the news.

[Blend of commentator and proletariat. The term was first noticed in a 1993
article in the Washington Post.]



Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hail to the Victors

Michigan Wolverines 41 Florida Gators 35

'Nuff said.

Happy New Year

If anyone notices the time of this post you will now how crazy our night was. It all started with me hitting a local boutique grocery store and picking up some food for dinner. I consisted of some nice cut fruit, baby greens, a spinach and feta pizza and a peanut better & chocolate chip dessert ball for dessert. Of course there was bottle of the bubbly for Robin and I and some blue cream soda for Nora and Nigel. We ate well and had a nice time. Robin won the prize for staying awake the latest, 9:30. She is a party animal. Personally, I cannot remember the last time I rang in the New Year outside of running a restaurant.

Today will be spent in front of the t.v. There are bowl games galore, and the Rose parade to watch. I will be faithfully cheering on my beloved Wolverines. They are going to send Coach Carr out on a high note. I will also be keeping an eye on The Illini. It would be great to see them knock off the Trojans.

I think the New Year deserves a special word of the day. The theme is newly coined words.

adultescent (uh-duhl-TES-uhnt) noun

An adult whose activities and interests are typically associated with
youth culture.

[Blend of adult and adolescent. The term was first noticed in 1996 in
a trade publication called Precision Marketing. Marketers love to come
up with new ways to slice their demographics. Another such term is tween.

While I worked in the restaurant business I was forced to take on the traits of the
youth who worked for me in order to relate to them and therefore better manage them.
You might even say I was an adultescent. They all thought I was pretty groovy. That's
still a hip word, right.

Well, I'm Audi, word to your mother.

Cheers and Happy New Year.