Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Get The Vote Out

We are getting down to the wire here folks. There are only a few hours left to let your voice be heard. Will I remain clean shaven or grow back my beard? Will you side with my Dad and therefore crush Nigel? Or will you vote for Nigel's Daddy to put his beard back on? Do not hesitate, rush out to the poll now!

In other news, I have a good boss. He came into my office today, tossed an envelope on my desk, said "here are your walking papers", and left. Inside the envelope was a gift certificate for a local restaurant. He popped back in and told me that was for putting up with all his crap. Hey, at least he is aware how much he dishes out, and does something about it. What a guy. Robin and I will definitely enjoy an evening out.

Not too sure if I mentioned this recently, but.....

Michigan 41 Florida 35

Go Blue!

Well Robin is just putting the finishing touches on dinner. We will be having chili tonight and it smells wonderful. I better leave you with the word of the day before i droll on my keyboard.

commentariat (kom-uhn-TAR-ee-uht) noun

The group of people who provide opinion and analysis of events in the news.

[Blend of commentator and proletariat. The term was first noticed in a 1993
article in the Washington Post.]



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Karendelane said...

Can I vote again? I'm still on the side of neatly trimmed beard.