Monday, March 31, 2008

Back To Normalcy

My week of distress is finally over and I will be able to get back to the important things in life. For instance, The Bionic No Worries blog.

Our inspection went very well. We scored a 97% overall. (Good thing I got that bird!) The significance of scoring so well is we do not have to go through another one for a year. Thank goodness, because the prep work is exhausting. My guys really pulled together and whipped the place into shape. It would be nice if they worked that hard every day, not just when their backs are against the wall.

We followed the inspection with a physical inventory. We have a lot of stuff. Counting seems like a very simple thing, right? I found out that counting items that are 2.5 stories high, and in -10 degree temps pose unique challenges. You tend to want to eyeball things and not double count for accuracy. Unfortunately, that does not work. It just leads to mistakes and a trip back to the freezer. Glad that is over as well.

Turns out inspection and inventory back to back is pretty mind numbing. I have not fully recovered yet.

Fortunately, I did regain my faculties enough this weekend to bottle my newest brew. It is a Belgian wit, similar to Blue Moon...I call it New Moon. B's Point Place Porter aside, this is my most anticipated brew to date. Is it April 13th yet? (That is when New Moon should be ready.)

Until then...


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Note To The Chrisophiles...

This is inspection and inventory week at work. Therefore, I am very busy, working long and hard hours. I find that all I am able to do once I get home is play with the kids a bit, and relax with a home brew. I have two to choose from you know., my stout and red ale. Yummy!

Tomorrow is the actual inspection....wish me luck.

Next week should be back to normal.

Until then...

No Worries

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just A Day

There were no belly flops today. However, I am still cracking up over yesterdays little move. I really wish there had been a video camera on me. I am not saying it would have won Americas Funniest Home Videos, but I would have made the show.

My truck gave me some issues today. It would not start. I am pretty sure it just was flooded, as it started up later. One good thing about working in a warehouse is there is no shortage of amateur mechanics willing to diagnose the problem.

American Idol was pretty harsh last night. They did not do The Beatles or themselves any justice.

It seems like there was more to the day, but I am not coming up with anything. Guess I will sign off. Until tomorrow....


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Belly Flop

Wow, you guys missed a good one today. It was so good that it will be the sole topic of my blog.

After doing a walk through for the inspection at work, I found that we were in need of a few items that I could pick up at a local do-it-yourself warehouse called, Menards. I tied up a few loose ends at work and off I went.

Upon entering Menards I was greeted by a sight that jogged my memory. Menards was closing and moving to a new location. Everything remaining in the store was 40% off, so, I figured if they had what I needed it would be cheap.

I began my shopping, staring at the bare shelves, and not really paying attention where I was going. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a long green line about 3 feet wide on the floor. Just one of those stripes that stores seem to paint on the floor to help you through. At least that was my assumption until I found myself flying to the ground, both arms straight up above my head, in perfect belly flop form. Fortunately I was able to get my arms in position to protect my beautiful face prior to slamming into the green raised platform.

Yes, several bargain shoppers saw my little move. I was laughing so hard that I am sure a few of them thought I was really hurt. Only one person asked my if I was ok. I responded, "the only thing bruised is my ego". I continued on my way laughing all the way though the store and have not really stopped laughing yet. My only hope is that the actual sight of me flopping was as funny as the one in my head.


P.S. Our T.V. has been dying a slow death so we decided to act before it was too late. I picked up a 27" Phillips TrueFlat digital tube t.v. for under $250. Didn't feel like spending the extra $500 for the plasma.

Monday, March 17, 2008


I have been slacking as of late and you, my loyal Chrisophiles, have been neglected. I am sorry.

But not as sorry as that bird that made the mistake of making its way into my warehouse. Actually our fine feathered fowl made three mistakes. It's first mistake was coming in two weeks prior to our inspection. The second was singing a cheery song while buzzing my tower. Clearly it had a death wish.

(For those to you who do not know, birds in my warehouse are an automatic failure for our inspection. Not to mention a real pain in my behind.}

After lunch I set up my bird-blind in a lofty location and patiently waited for him to make his appearance. I did not have long to wait. He flew by and took perch on a rafter well within my range. That was his last mistake. As with those who came before him he has been posted outside my warehouse as a warning to others. Feathered creatures that cross my threshold will pay the ultimate price.

A couple notes on last weeks Idol. Being a big Beatles fan I was very worried they would just kill some classic tunes. As expected, some really did. I thought an episode of HeeHaw was about to begin while the "country girl" was putting her spin on "Eight Days A Week". Wow that was bad. The biggest blow to me was not from the show, but from a comment by one of my favorite Chrisophiles. I will not use her name, Adrianne, to protect the innocent. This person actually had the nerve to say she does not love the Beatles. Folks, we almost lost a Chrisophile. However, I have recovered and put this ugly incident behind me. I am going into this weeks Idol with the same level of anticipation and fear....the Lennon/McCartney song book is on the slate once again.

Beer note...My stout is conditioning nicely in the bottles and has great clarity. I think I will be popping one open this weekend. My Blue Moon clone is coming along nicely and I will be transferring it to my secondary fermenter this weekend as well. My next brew planned is a vanilla porter.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The First American Idols

I am very excited about tonights American Idol. Go ahead, laugh it up. I admit it, I like the Idol. This is a very special Idol. They are singing Lennon/McCartney songs. Beatles baby! I hope they don't butcher the songs too badly.I know some of them will, but I am still holding out for the best.

Too excited to type!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Unadorned Head

While watching t.v. over the weekend we saw a commercial about Rogaine. It spelled out the benefits of this miracle product and told you how much better life would be with hair. Nigel, who was sitting on my lap, looked at me and then the t.v. and exclaimed, "Daddy, you need that!" I guess it makes sense. He did freak out when I shaved my beard. Unfortunately for him, I cannot put the hair back on my head.

Another big moment in my personal brewing history. I bottled my stout on Saturday. That evening I took a few of my Red Ales to share with some friends and they were well received. On Sunday I brewed a Blue Moon clone. Following brewing there is always that anxious time between sealing your fermenter and seeing the tell tale bubbles of yeast doing its work. When I got home it was happily bubbling away. Great way to end a brewing weekend.

That is all for now. I am going to crack open one of the afore mentioned Reds and kick back.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Big Day!

Guess where Nora and I just got home from.

Come on, take a guess...

Just one...

Give up?

Sign ups for T-Ball! The flier with all the info came home with her yesterday. She showed it to me and then ran and found her pink and purple baseball mit. I think she is a bit excited. The sign ups were scheduled today, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. and Monday, 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. Do you think you can guess what time Nora and I got there? That's right, 9 a.m. Nora is now officially signed up for T-Ball, boys and girls ages 5 & 6. The season starts May 31st and runs through July 12th. Each team is going to play 8 games. We cannot wait.

Nora wants to start practicing right now! Unfortunately it is still too cold outside. If we get lucky maybe next weekend will be our first weekend of playing catch. She of course wants to break out the "T" and start hitting. She even has a pink bat all picked out that she wants! This is going to be great!

As part of the big T-Ball day, Nora and I went out and got her her first pack of baseball cards. She did not get any Tigers or Cubs, but loves them anyway. Nigel got a pack as well, and he did get one Tiger and one Cub. All is right in the world.


Friday, March 7, 2008


Today I got a package that has made me very happy. Contained within said package are the following items:
1 oz. Coriander Seed
1 oz. Orange Peel
2.5 oz. Haller Hops
Liquid Wheat Ale Yeast
Do you know what this means? I now have in my possession the final ingredients needed for my "Blue Moon" clone brew. Happy, happy, joy, joy! Can you just taste it now. I am not too sure I am going to be able to wait over a month for this one. To help ease the pain I am bottling my stout this weekend and enjoying my red ale as well. I have a glorious hobby.

I think there needs to be a Chrisophiles beer festival!

Today marked the last stress free day of work for me until March 28th. Once a year we have to go through an inspection required by the parent corporation of one of the chains we distribute food to. I do not stress out over it because I know I and my warehouse will be ready for it. However, both of my bosses will flip out over it and thus funnel their stress down to me. Is tomorrow March 28th?


Do not forget to change your clocks this weekend.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I am Evil.

This is something that I have been pretty sure of for a while now, but now it has been confirmed. Eventually I would like to move out of my position as warehouse supervisor. I love what I do, but I cannot see myself riding a forklift and throwing around 50lb cases of chicken when I am 45. One of the places I could move into would be a purchasing position. Today one of our purchasing agents was involved in an automobile accident. What is the first thought that went through my head? "A purchasing position nearly opened up." Man I need help. I think the crotchety old Sicilian I work for is starting to rub off on me.

I better start doing some good soon to reverse my bad karma. This could be a big brewing weekend and I cannot have any bid vibes floating around. Hey come to think of it, I did do some good today.

We had a load of sandwich buns come in that were not within the specs our restaurants need in order to use them. So, I had to refuse them. Generally the trucking company takes them back to the selling company, but in this case they were just going to throw them away. Instead of allowing them to do that I told the driver to leave them with me and I would donate them to a food bank.

That should cover my brewing, right?

Quick note...
My Mother-in-law, one of my most loyal Chrisophiles, is "under the weather" and wondering where that phase came from. Well, here you go:

Under the Weather

This popular phrase for "ill" dates back to 1827. It is commonly believed that bad weather can make you sick.

A site visitor gave his/her opinion about this idiom:
I believe that "under the weather" is an old sailor phrase. When men were sick, they would rest below deck and thus were literally "under" the weather on deck

Another site visitor gave his/her opinion about this idiom:
Moreover, the deck they were under was likely "the weather deck", meaning the most exposed deck on the ship, usually the foredeck (over the seamen's quarters at the front end of the ship) or the quarterdeck
(where the helm was located, high for a good view). Either way, if you needed to be sick, you wouldn't want to "toss your cookies" where the wind could toss them back in your face, nor would anyone with you want you to do so. You'd be firmly told to "under the weather" to be sick.


Monday, March 3, 2008

The Name

You have made your choice. Therefore, I dub you the Chrisophiles! Alright, with that out of the way I can get down to some catching up.

Clarification from my last entry, I did not get a TomTom. It was supposed to be a visual joke with the google map print out acting as my "new TomTom". Man, jokes lose something when you have to explain them. I gotta work on my delivery.

Next, I have to mention the dinner Robin and I had on our weekend get-a-way. We ate at PF Changs. Everything from the service to the food and the atmosphere was fantastic. We started with a drink in the bar, served by a bartender that knew how to sling a drink! Once at the table we were greeted by our server, Mike, and it was apparent he knew his craft. Unfortunately that is a rare trait in a waiter these days. (The industry has suffered since I got out!) We told him we like to take the evening slowly and start with Seared Ahi Tuna. We also received an order of spring rolls on the house. Mike was working us as his "good table" for the night, and doing a fine job I may add. For the main Robin had one of her favorite dishes, SINGAPORE STREET NOODLES; Shrimp, chicken and rice noodles stir-fried in a curry sauce, and I branched out and had TAM'S NOODLES WITH SAVORY BEEF AND SHRIMP; A unique gnocchi-like noodle stir-fried with sliced beef, shrimp and chili peppers in a subtle abalone sauce. Both meals were great! To finish it off we each had one of their new mini desserts selections. Just a taste of sweet to end the meal perfectly. Every restaurant should serve these. I know I have gushed on a bit about dinner, but this was the first dinner in recent memory where Robin and I did not have to rush home and the service, food and atmosphere was good. Oh what a night.

One more note. I cracked open one of my Red Ales last night. It was good! This weekend will be the bottling of my stout, and possibly my first attempt at my own recipe, not from a kit. I am going for a Blue Moon clone.

Cheers my Chrisophiles