Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The First American Idols

I am very excited about tonights American Idol. Go ahead, laugh it up. I admit it, I like the Idol. This is a very special Idol. They are singing Lennon/McCartney songs. Beatles baby! I hope they don't butcher the songs too badly.I know some of them will, but I am still holding out for the best.

Too excited to type!



Anonymous said...

Laughing it up here at Chris being an Idolator. The Beatles rule, though!


Anonymous said...

I heard that one of the songs was done as a country song. Apparently no one cared for it done in that fashion. Hope it didn't bother your eardrums too much since you truly did love the Beatles.


Anonymous said...

We are big Idol fans as well...Although, I have to admit, I do not love the Beatles. I know, I know. David Cook is blowing me away every week - if he releases any album, I am buying!
Adrianne : )