Monday, March 17, 2008


I have been slacking as of late and you, my loyal Chrisophiles, have been neglected. I am sorry.

But not as sorry as that bird that made the mistake of making its way into my warehouse. Actually our fine feathered fowl made three mistakes. It's first mistake was coming in two weeks prior to our inspection. The second was singing a cheery song while buzzing my tower. Clearly it had a death wish.

(For those to you who do not know, birds in my warehouse are an automatic failure for our inspection. Not to mention a real pain in my behind.}

After lunch I set up my bird-blind in a lofty location and patiently waited for him to make his appearance. I did not have long to wait. He flew by and took perch on a rafter well within my range. That was his last mistake. As with those who came before him he has been posted outside my warehouse as a warning to others. Feathered creatures that cross my threshold will pay the ultimate price.

A couple notes on last weeks Idol. Being a big Beatles fan I was very worried they would just kill some classic tunes. As expected, some really did. I thought an episode of HeeHaw was about to begin while the "country girl" was putting her spin on "Eight Days A Week". Wow that was bad. The biggest blow to me was not from the show, but from a comment by one of my favorite Chrisophiles. I will not use her name, Adrianne, to protect the innocent. This person actually had the nerve to say she does not love the Beatles. Folks, we almost lost a Chrisophile. However, I have recovered and put this ugly incident behind me. I am going into this weeks Idol with the same level of anticipation and fear....the Lennon/McCartney song book is on the slate once again.

Beer note...My stout is conditioning nicely in the bottles and has great clarity. I think I will be popping one open this weekend. My Blue Moon clone is coming along nicely and I will be transferring it to my secondary fermenter this weekend as well. My next brew planned is a vanilla porter.


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