Monday, March 31, 2008

Back To Normalcy

My week of distress is finally over and I will be able to get back to the important things in life. For instance, The Bionic No Worries blog.

Our inspection went very well. We scored a 97% overall. (Good thing I got that bird!) The significance of scoring so well is we do not have to go through another one for a year. Thank goodness, because the prep work is exhausting. My guys really pulled together and whipped the place into shape. It would be nice if they worked that hard every day, not just when their backs are against the wall.

We followed the inspection with a physical inventory. We have a lot of stuff. Counting seems like a very simple thing, right? I found out that counting items that are 2.5 stories high, and in -10 degree temps pose unique challenges. You tend to want to eyeball things and not double count for accuracy. Unfortunately, that does not work. It just leads to mistakes and a trip back to the freezer. Glad that is over as well.

Turns out inspection and inventory back to back is pretty mind numbing. I have not fully recovered yet.

Fortunately, I did regain my faculties enough this weekend to bottle my newest brew. It is a Belgian wit, similar to Blue Moon...I call it New Moon. B's Point Place Porter aside, this is my most anticipated brew to date. Is it April 13th yet? (That is when New Moon should be ready.)

Until then...


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