Monday, March 10, 2008

Unadorned Head

While watching t.v. over the weekend we saw a commercial about Rogaine. It spelled out the benefits of this miracle product and told you how much better life would be with hair. Nigel, who was sitting on my lap, looked at me and then the t.v. and exclaimed, "Daddy, you need that!" I guess it makes sense. He did freak out when I shaved my beard. Unfortunately for him, I cannot put the hair back on my head.

Another big moment in my personal brewing history. I bottled my stout on Saturday. That evening I took a few of my Red Ales to share with some friends and they were well received. On Sunday I brewed a Blue Moon clone. Following brewing there is always that anxious time between sealing your fermenter and seeing the tell tale bubbles of yeast doing its work. When I got home it was happily bubbling away. Great way to end a brewing weekend.

That is all for now. I am going to crack open one of the afore mentioned Reds and kick back.


1 comment:

KarenDelane said...

I admire you for making the best of your situation (less hair than you'd like). If you suddenly grew hair all over your head, I'd probably be like Nigel in reverse!

I think your hobby (beer brewing) is a hoot!