Sunday, January 26, 2014

Inertia, Thy Name Is......

Bitter Wind Chill!

A few posts ago I mentioned I was having issues with running lately. I think I have it figured out. My problem is the unbearable wind chill which has been blasting through the Midwest this winter.

That is it. I have named my ailament, my road block, the thing keeping me away from my running. Now that it has a name I can beat it, right?

Not that simple.

The mind is willing, but I still cannot get into a good rhythm with my running. It is a physically daunting task to try and get out in these conditions. The wind literally takes your breathe away. It is hard to do much of anythnig without breathing, let alone run.

What to do...

Many people resort to the dreadmill, er, I mean, treadmill, in these conditions. So I thought I would give it a go, and went over to the college fitness center last Sunday and gave it a whirl.

It. Was. Torture!

One of the aspects I love most about running is the journey. Unfortunately on a treadmill you are....

Running to Stand Still.

Kind of defeats the purpose.

Many tell me it is better than nothing, and occaionally, it is. However, making it a habit is just not an option for me.

I had a great plan set for last week, but Mother Nature had other ideas. I am facing a similar challenge with the beginning of this week. Our forecasted tempurature for tomorrow is -1 with wind chills reaching 30 below. Tuesday is going to be a bit better, but I am not sure if it will be warm enough. More importantly, still enough.

Later in the week should be better and I have to get back on a roll. Normally I would not be so irritated about a lull in January, however, I have been trying to get back into similar shape as I was prior to returning to school. Also, I have a distance goal for the year. I would love to log 1000 miles this year. This may be a a tough task. I am behind the 8-ball due to the weather in January and my need to build my milage up appropriatly with out getting hurt.

Mother Nature, throw me a bone, please?

Until she shapes up I hear the couch and a martini calling my name.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday....At Home!

This is a situation very unique to my new career; being home on a bank holiday. Having spent the majority of my working life in the restaurant business in some shape or form I typically found myself working most holidays. Early on in my restaurant career it did not bother me at was just an other day, and most of my friends were in the industry anyway.

Then came the family.

These holidays were no longer just an other day, but opportunities to spend time with Robin, Nora, and Nigel. Well, missed opportunities that is.

Now that I work for a college I have many of these holidays off, today being one of them. To the general observer, we did nothing special with this day off. Robin and I watched the newest episode of Sherlock in the morning and were joined by the children about halfway through. We all had separate breakfasts before Robin, Nora, and Nigel went to Mu Sool Wan, and I hit the basement for my workout which was followed by a run. The afternoon found the kiddos spending with their cousin's, Sofie & Pete, and Robin and I home alone.

Not a lot of quality time there.

However, just the fact I have been home has been wonderful. We are all back under one roof now. Nigel is putting together his new Lego Technic car, and Nora is practicing her piano. It is great just to be present and able to see and hear the activity.

The quality of life improvement this new career has provided for me and the family is priceless.

Thank you Eureka College.

Speaking of new careers and Eureka College: I kinda had a big year. I will catch you up on the year that was 2013 in the Robinson house during the course of my future writings.

Oh, and I have not forgotten. I alluded to the grip inertia seems to have on my running. I'll get to that.

Until then....


Sunday, January 19, 2014

False Starts

I started blogging in 2007 with a pictorial year in review, (click here if you want a walk down memory lane) had a solid year of writing in 2008, so-so in 2009, and have been hit and miss ever since.

I really enjoy writing, but find so many excuses not to do it. Inertia is powerful with this one!

This year I am going to attempt to break free, and write more often. It is good for the mind and soul. To actually accomplish this I am going to be a bit more realistic in my expectations.

In the past I attempted to write daily; pretty unreasonable. One day missed would turn into two, then three, and so on until I convinced myself there was no point gave up all together.

To complicate matters even more I would put imaginary (at least I hope they are) pressures on myself. First the obvious, does anyone even care to read my ramblings. I am sure everyone wonders from time to time whether or not others have any interest in ones thoughts, hopes, dreams, or superhero fantasies. Some do, some don't. It is something over which I have no control, so, no need to dwell on the topic. Second, I have written, according to some, a few very funny entries. Guess what? I feel the need to be funny every time I write. Not gonna happen.

My unreasonable expectations, and imaginary pressures all combined to bring my attempts to continue writing to frequent and screeching halts.

This time around I am going to be a bit more realistic. Writing once a day, twice a week, or once a week is just fine. The important bit is not how often, but that I just do it. Worrying about whether others care about what I have to express is silly. There are my friends and family out there who genuinely care about the happenings in the Robinson household, and I would like to share. I am not forcing any one to click the link and read. As for the funny bit...I am funny, but not every time and surely not when forcing it.

So, that is it. That is my plan to break free of the inertia keeping my fingers from the keyboard. Speaking of inertia...

I really should be going for a run, but I am having issues getting a good rhythm going. That is a topic for another day....


Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Plot Revealed

Last night it became clear what the women of Eureka have up their sleeves:

They have alined themselves with our Evil Thumbless Overlords.

The Plot: Sleep deprivation. It is so simple...almost genius. Our Evil Thumbless Overlords will engage in several activities in order to both prevent sleep and frustrate the men to a point irrational behavior and decision making.

Men, beware of the following activities:

Do not count on dogs to help us in this situation.

They are useless.

I fear for the worst in this situation. With the lack of sleep and subsequent poor decisions, I see no way to avoid the eventual take over by the women.

Oh well, we will at least have fun along the way!

Friday, January 10, 2014

They're Gone.....

Once again the women of Eureka, IL have left their men.

What plans do they have up their sleeves this time around? Hopefully they learned from last year's attempt to starve the men, and take over due to our weakened state. The men were not, and shall not be so easily defeated.

We are strong!

We are resourceful!

We will survive!

We are MEN!

Stay tuned....