Sunday, January 26, 2014

Inertia, Thy Name Is......

Bitter Wind Chill!

A few posts ago I mentioned I was having issues with running lately. I think I have it figured out. My problem is the unbearable wind chill which has been blasting through the Midwest this winter.

That is it. I have named my ailament, my road block, the thing keeping me away from my running. Now that it has a name I can beat it, right?

Not that simple.

The mind is willing, but I still cannot get into a good rhythm with my running. It is a physically daunting task to try and get out in these conditions. The wind literally takes your breathe away. It is hard to do much of anythnig without breathing, let alone run.

What to do...

Many people resort to the dreadmill, er, I mean, treadmill, in these conditions. So I thought I would give it a go, and went over to the college fitness center last Sunday and gave it a whirl.

It. Was. Torture!

One of the aspects I love most about running is the journey. Unfortunately on a treadmill you are....

Running to Stand Still.

Kind of defeats the purpose.

Many tell me it is better than nothing, and occaionally, it is. However, making it a habit is just not an option for me.

I had a great plan set for last week, but Mother Nature had other ideas. I am facing a similar challenge with the beginning of this week. Our forecasted tempurature for tomorrow is -1 with wind chills reaching 30 below. Tuesday is going to be a bit better, but I am not sure if it will be warm enough. More importantly, still enough.

Later in the week should be better and I have to get back on a roll. Normally I would not be so irritated about a lull in January, however, I have been trying to get back into similar shape as I was prior to returning to school. Also, I have a distance goal for the year. I would love to log 1000 miles this year. This may be a a tough task. I am behind the 8-ball due to the weather in January and my need to build my milage up appropriatly with out getting hurt.

Mother Nature, throw me a bone, please?

Until she shapes up I hear the couch and a martini calling my name.


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