Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2013, Revisited...

I did not get around to writing the Robinson Family year in review letter, failed to write a blog post recapping the year, and even blew it with Christmas cards. We had a pretty good year with some notable happenings. Over the course of several posts I am going to attempt to fill you in on the year that was.


2013 started with renewed determination to run more, write more, and finish my Eureka College career strong. One of those three goals were accomplished. Resolutions are meant to be broken, right?

On the personal front, January consisted of a lot of reading and writing for school. I did, however, find time to turn out a couple No Worries entries. In fact, three of them were likely the most viewed in No Worries history. Robin and the women of Eureka Christian Church went off to Springfiled, IL for a retreat leaving the men and children to fend for themselves. I choose to document our story. I am told the testimony was quite humorous. Here are the links if you care to have a read and decide for yourself:

Retreat or Community Conquest?

Retreat or Community Conquest?...Part Two

Retreat or Community Conquest?...The Homecoming

January was really about Robin. I was thrilled Robin was able to get away for the weekend, recharge, and spend time with some friends. She carried a huge load while I was in school and deserved more than just one weekend for all she did.

January 2014 found the women heading out on the retreat again, but without the mischevious intentions. They had a great time as usual, and the men survived on their own...barely.

The rest of the month primarily found the Robinson's huddled together at home as much of the Midwest was in the grips of a polar vortex. We all managed to get through without losing any fingers or toes, but it did take a huge bite out of the runing I wanted to get done. It also gave us all a real appreciation for the warmer months. Rumor has it a groundhog will let us know what the future holds in terms of weather tomorrow. I, for one, am more interested in the big game:

#10 Michigan @ Indiana. Go Blue!


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