Monday, January 14, 2013

Retreat or Community Conquest...The Homecoming

Day Three - Sunday

In the eyes of the women of Eureka, Sunday should have marked a triumphant return to town; conquering heros in the battle of the sexes. However, thanks to quick thinking by the men and an underestimation of our capabilties on the part of the women, that was simply not the case. So, where do things now stand? We cannot return to the status quo in light of this attempted coup. Or can we?

This speaks to the overall brilliance of the womens plan. You would think there would be an uneasy tension between the two sides. However, relations are just fine. They are fine due to the timing of their attack. The women knew by planning their attempted takeover during the NFL playoffs the men would be sufficiently distracted if all did not go according to plan.

And distracted we were.

The women came home to find their mates glued to the television, moderately sedated by suds, and bellies full of hot wings. So entranced by what was and had played out on the screens before us that we had all but forgotten what had transpired just hours before.

So what did we all learn from this?

1. Women are smart.
2. Timing is everything.
3. Men can handle the shopping and cooking for a day or two.
4. Football trumps everything.

Most Importantly

5. Two is better than one.

I, for one, am glad to have my wife home. Even if see did conspire to take over town!



Robin Robinson said...

I'm happy to be home, too.

James L Fyke said...

That was some high tech nail biter thriller! You couldn't tell from moment to moment who would ultimately triumph. Now, maybe, I can get my breath back.

Chris Robinson said...


I am glad I was able to keep someone other than myself entertain with this little tale.