Monday, January 7, 2013

Thank You

As I mentioned in my return to my No Worries; I have really missed writing for the sake of writing. It turns out, based on several of your responses, you missed No Worries as well. Thank you so much for your kind words and enthusiastic replies. Nothing makes a guy feel better than his friends and family taking interest in what he has to say. Additionally, it gave me an even greater desire to share my random thoughts.

Here goes.

I indicated in Remember Me a lot has changed in the year and a half I spent away from blogging. The primary difference in my life was created by the decision to return to school. Twenty years after starting my higher education at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale I have begun again at Eureka College.

I could write for days on the profound change this experience has had on me, however, I think it would bore you a bit. Just know this, when I graduate in June with my B.S. in Organizational Leadership, I will have gained for more than a diploma. I have learned volumes about myself (thank you Bill!), made life long friends, and strengthened my convictions on leadership. Most importantly, I have both the desire and confidence to chase my passion (hopefully more on that later).

Until nest time,


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Anonymous said...

Lets be more specific about your highway of higher education which has produced a truly BROAD wealth of knowledge: As you stated there the beginning was Southern where you were looking at Hydro-Geology. Then, it was off on your "honeymoon" to Fort Collins, CO and Colorado State University,to study Food Management and the Hospitality Industry. The, it was back to Illinois Wesleyan University and the study of Risk Management and finally, to ICC in East Peoria to fill-in the gaps. We sure are looking forward to a GRAND GRADUATION in May, Chris.

Love, and Pride!!!

Mom & Dad