Sunday, January 20, 2008

What A Fantastic Weekend!

It all began Friday, as most do, with a relaxing night at home. The kids fell asleep snuggled with Robin and I as we watched Reign Over Me. As a side note that is a very good movie. Much to my surprise I was able to stay awake for the entire movie (10 p.m.), and had enough gas left to read for a bit.

Saturday began a bit later than usual for me, 6:15 a.m. I was able to lay in for the first time in recent memory. I made peanut butter pancakes for the family and got in a very good workout, (my legs are still pretty sore). Nora and Nigel played with a friend while Robin did some more work on our stairwell and landing. She got a good coat of primer up. No more yellowed rose and ribbon wallpaper! The day was capped off by a wonderful little dinner party. The hosts have been putting this dinner for 8 years now. It started out as a Christmas dinner for all 7 of their single male friends. Wives and children have been added, some of the guys have fallen off, and others added. Robin, Nora, Nigel and I were very happy to be added. There were six couples and plenty of kids. The food and company was perfect. The main course was lasagna. Somehow in the course of telling Adrianne (the hostess) that making lasagna was not a cop out I think I got myself in a lasagna bake off with her to see whose is better. It was great being with so many adults and having good conversations. Big thanks to Josh and Adrianne Yoder!

Today is Sunday. We started with church. Not exactly what the kids wanted to do today, but they warmed up to it eventually. Nigel was in the sanctuary today as we have written off the playroom for him (we think that is why he gets sick). Since the whole family was together we decided to go up and join the church. Robin's parents were there and were happy to see us join. I plan to spend the rest of the day watching football, and making pizza for dinner. I already made the sauce, just have to whip up a dough for crust.

Word of the day...

kerfuffle (kuhr-FUHF-uhl) noun
A commotion.

I hope you all have a great day.


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