Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vacation's Over!

Those are the words my boss used to greet me this morning when he arrived at work. He had spent the last week in California visiting his son. I tried to convince him that we missed him, and the place was too quiet while he was gone. Much to his dismay, I like having him around. He likes having the rep as a tough guy. I will admit that it had been a bit calmer and quieter. He has a habit of looking over the guys shoulders and making them nervous. I have worked with his personality type before and I am used to it. Also, I am confident in my abilities and work ethic so, I do not feel I have anything to worry about.

I am still suffering from the writers block so I am going to jump to the word of the day...

redbrick (RED-brik) adjective
Lacking prestige.
[The term usually describes universities. A redbrick university is one built in the UK after WWII, as opposed to the older prestigious institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge.

Hey, I just remembered, it is American Idol night! Break out the earplug sand enjoy.


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