Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Hours Are Tick, Tick, Ticking....

We are closing in on the end of a hotly contested race. As of this posting only 7 hours remain until the polls close. At the moment my beard has made a dramatic comeback and now leads my clean shave by 7 votes. Baring any hanging chads in Florida I believe Nigel will be a very happy boy soon. I sure love a democracy!

I would love to type more, but my beard needs to go and prepare its acceptance speech. However, I will leave you with the word of the day...

chav (chav) noun

A youth whose behavior is marked by ignorance, aggression, and a fondness for jewelry and clothing.

[Of uncertain origin. Perhaps from Romany chav (child) or from shortening of Chatham, the name of a town in Kent, UK. The first print citation of the term in the OED is from a 2002 article in The Observer (London).]




Karendelane said...

Yah! for the beard! Mama-in-law

Adrian said...

Funny enough the Florida vote did count in this election.