Monday, January 21, 2008

No Title

I have hit the wall. A writers worst nightmare has completely engulfed me. I am inflicted with writers block. For the last 30 minutes I have been staring at this screen trying to come up with something clever or insightful to say, or an accounting of my day. I've got nothing. So, instead I am going with whatever mumbo jumbo spills out of my mind. This is your opportunity to navigate away before this gets weird.

How about a live play by play of the current activities in the Robinson house, that should be entertaining. Nora and Nigel and soaking in an episode of Superman with special guests Batman and the Joker. Very exciting. Robin is finishing up her proof reading work on the paper for the week. I am writing down all the exciting details. No, this is no good.

Nigel learned an important lesson today. Light bulbs get hot, do not touch them.

Perhaps some of the great one-liners I had at work today will spice up this blog. Actually, as I play them back in my mind you really had to be there to appreciate them.

Lets face it, I've got nothing. Gotta go to the word of the day...

This week we'll meet five terms related to colors -- blue, red, white, purple, and blue again -- and how they affect words' shades of meaning.
cordon bleu (kawr don BLOO) adjective Of the highest class.
A person of great distinction in a field, especially applied to a chef.

How about another gem about Chuck...

Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.


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