Tuesday, January 8, 2008

School Days

First things first, we all survived the tornadoes. We faired better than a lot of other areas in the midwest.

Today was the big day. Nora went back to school today, and in her words it was fantastic. She was very excited to see all her friends again and get back into the fun of kindergarten. The day went off without a hitch and we are back on our normal schedule. Nigel was happy to have his own time and then thrilled when big sister came home. Today was the best they have gotten along in a few days. They do say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

In sad news, Ohio State went down in flames last night. I was really pulling for them as I do not like hearing how great the SEC is. Oh well, my Big Ten team did very well in their bowl game against the SEC, and historically has been very successful against that conference. Go Blue!

In other news, much to KFC's surprise, hot wings are popular during the football season. Twice now I have had to load wings directly from the truck they came in on, to our trucks waiting to make their deliveries. They are literally flying out the door. Raise your hand if you think hot wings and football go together, (you should all have your hands up, that is unless you are a KFC exec.).

On to the word of the day...

dog's letter (dogz LET-uhr) noun
The letter R.
[From Latin littera canina, literally dog's letter. In Latin the sound of the letter R was trilled. Think Grrr! of a snarling dog. A good example
of a trilling R is none other that the Spanish word for a dog: perro.]



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Adrian said...

Maybe its just that The Ohio State is inept against the SEC and not all the Big Ten. (0-9 kinda indicates that) That should make you feel better, right big C?