Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Extra Kids

Tonight is a special night. On a typical Tuesday evening it is just Nora, Nigel and I at home while Robin is at her Yoga tonight. We usually hang out, watch a few super hero shows and have a nice dinner. Tonight was different. My brother-in-law Brandon and sister-in-law Susan had a dinner to attend. I agreed to sit on their kids, Pete and Sofie, for them. We had a meal of grilled cheese and tomato soup. Well, all of us that is except for Pete. He dined on a new taste sensation he created on his own. Peanut butter and jelly dipped in tomato soup. He saw the rest of us doing that with our grilled cheese and figured it was a good idea. Who's to judge? Elvis liked peanut butter and banana. Maybe Pete is the next big pop star.

The kids are finishing off the night with a game of "school", coloring and singing and dancing to one of Nora's cds. Kids are fun. Kids can also be very loud. Kids multiply on each other, as do the monsters they are battling. I think we are up to one million.

Today I had what lately has become a typical day at work. A bit frustrating with the added twist of painful. The work and my actual responsibilities are just fine. It is the warehouse crew that makes me wish I had hair to pull out. They are the reason for my occasional rants &/or ventings in my blog. Today was special. First the frustrating bit. We had a temp in to help with the receptionist duties. She became overwhelmed and had a panic attack due to the thought of having to answer the phone. Not by actually answering the phone, just the idea of it. Why would you agree to take a temp job as a receptionist if you cannot answer the phone? Frustrating. Now for the pain. I walked full stride into one of the cross beams for our storage racks. Most people agree that I am hard headed, however, metal trumps my skull. I knocked the focus out of my eyes. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Word of the day...

lucent (LOO-suhnt) adjective
1. Luminous; shining.
2. Translucent; clear.

Now I am nestling on the sofa, antique crystal glass in one hand, elegant bottle of lucent amber in the other.


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