Thursday, January 17, 2008


What a nice day. I am calm, relaxed and happy. No irritated rants today. Man, I am loving yoga. I had another class tonight and it was fantastic. I really am much more flexible than I thought, but not nearly as flexible as I should be. Touching the toes remains a distant possibility, but I have learned how to enhance the stretch of my hamstrings and how to properly bend at the waist. In addition, my hips are pretty flexible. Too cool. I do not wanna brag, but I'm kinda the star of the class.

Another reason for the calm, relaxed and happy attitude is the boss has been on vacation all week. It is almost like I have had a vacation all week. I love my employer, but he is a self admitted micro-manager. It is good to get a break from that once and a while. We have actually been a bit more productive this week since everyone else is relaxed as well.

Well time for the word of the day and a cookie....word of the day for you, cookie for me.

jobbernowl (JOB-uh-nowl) noun
A blockhead.
[From French jobard (stupid, gullible), from Old French jobe (stupid) +noll (top or crown of the head).]

Charlie Brown, you are such a jobbernowl. You can't even kick a football.

One more bit in honor of the current weather here in Central Illinois...

Chuck Norris can build a snowman out of rain.


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