Thursday, January 10, 2008


Today I began taking yoga. Robin has been taking classes here in town for about a year and is quite accomplished. I am now attempting to catch up to her. Actually, I just want to be able to touch my toes again, besides when I am sitting cross-legged. That joke went over HUGE in class tonight.

The class was wonderful. Very relaxing and a good workout as well. While I was not able to touch my toes, I found that I am more flexible than I thought. I am one of two guys in the class and the youngest by about 20 years. My biggest advantage I have over the others in the class is my strength. I am able to hold poses for longer periods than others and therefore get a better stretch. I think I am really going to enjoy yoga and definitely benefit from it.

Nigel has finally gotten over his stomach bug. No more "crazy poop" as he now calls diarrhea. With that I officially declare the Robinson household germ free.

Word of the day...

donkey's years (DONG-keez yeerz) noun
A very long time. [Probably from the punning reference to a donkey's long ears.]
I gotta say it has been donkey's years since I had a night out with Robin. Fortunately we are going out tomorrow night. Thanks Al (my boss) and Mom and Dad.



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