Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oh Vacation, Where Art Thou, Vacation

Work karma knows I am going to be gone next week. That is the only way to explain the start of my week. We crammed 4 days of work into the first two this week. Monday was a full slate of incoming trucks topped off with route changes at the end of the day. I was in at 5a.m., and did not leave until 3:30p.m. Yesterday brought a different set of challenges, excuse me, opportunities. One of our trailers had its freezer/fridge unit fail. So we started the day with finding a new trailer and salvaging what product we could. Then having to repull items and then load the new trailer. On top of all this I am helping cover for a guy inthe office that is on vacation. No Worries, makes the day go fast.



Dustin said...

It has to be better than working at the restaurant until 11. Have a great vacation.

Suzanne Walker said...

Chris- hang in there! Someday you will have a vacation too! IN the meantime, we need your snail mail address to send a wedding invite. Suzanne Walker