Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Olympics 2020

As you know I have begun running. I am having a blast doing it and have has a reasonable amount of success in the races in which I have competed. Nora has taken notice to the amount of fun I have both training and running the races. She started asking if I thought she would be able to run in a race someday. I said sure as long as you practice and train like I do. She asked if I would teach her. That made me pretty happy. So, I went out on the internet and found a running program for kids. It is based on time instead of distance. We started today. (Josh, I did not ditch you for her. I have been sick and did not think I could handle anymore than a run with her.) We ran for 2 minutes and covered .14 miles. Tomorrow we run for three minutes, rest and run for three more. We are both looking forward to the day. She had a blast and told me that it was the best part of her day. I have been looking forward to playing sports with the kids for about 6.5yrs. Never thought it would be running. Life is good.



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful father you're turning out to be! Nora and Nigel are so lucky. MIL

Anonymous said...

Hi honey!

I'm not sure if I will be around for the 2020 Olympics, but Dad and I will definitely be on the side lines cheering for any and all events in the meantime.

Glad to hear Nora likes the running up to this point!