Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Found It

I have spent the last month, in fact this entire year looking for my blog. Every time I thought I getting close to tracking it down, poof, the trail went cold. Upon opening up my computer this morning, much to my surprise, there it was. How could I resist, I had to post an entry. A lot has happened since I last wrote.

The year ended. For the first time in several years the Robinson family actually rang in the New Year. Several factors prevented us from celebrating in We got together with some friends for dinner, drinks and Wii. Yes, we got our first taste of the Wii. It is a blast. If you let yourself get into it you can really get a workout playing. Just make sure your kids are out of range or you may pop them in the head.

Last Feb for Valentines Day, Robin and I took a weekend trip to the Chicago area. Part of the weekend was a shopping trip to Ikea where we picked out new family room furniture. Long story short, it would not all fit in BaRT (Big Red Truck), so we decided to leave the chair we wanted and run up some weekend to pick it up. Well that weekend finally rolled around two weeks ago. Robin and I went up on a Saturday morning, picked up our recliner and were home by 3:30pm. Did you know that you could get scrambled eggs, bacon and breakfast taters at Ikea for $.99? I love Ikea!

I finally brewed the much talked about Vanilla Porter and for good measure I have added a Honey Wheat and Saison (farmhouse style ale) to my at home inventory. I have sampled the Vanilla porter...it is not quite ready yet, but it is yummy. It should be ready for the big game. The Honey will be ready the following weekend and the Saison is about a month away.

Robin has been knitting up a storm. She really enjoys the hobby. Her most recent completed project was a pair of socks for Nora. They are very warm and fuzzy and Nora loves them. Robin has also become very active at our church. She sings in the choir, extremely well if I do say so myself, acts as the wedding coordinator, and has recently joined a small group committee. We really like our church and the people there, so it has been easy to be involved.

Nora and Nigel are fantastic. We are preparing for Nora's 7th birthday on Feb 5th. We will celebrate it on the 7th with a bowling birthday party. Nigel is becoming well versed in the ways of the Force these days. He has been playing Star Wars everyday for about a week and a half. His favorite guy is Darth Vader. I knew that one had a dark side. Nora is still enjoying school and doing very well. The teachers are really impressed with her creativity and how well she gets along with all her classmates. Nigel is ready for kindergarten. Robin and I are not. Where is the pause button?

The running has started again in earnest. I am training for a half marathon on April 11th at the U of I. I am amazed at the clothes available for cold weather running. My running partner, Josh, and I went for a run on Sunday in 10 degrees and were very comfortable. Our beards froze, but the rest of us was quite warm.

That is enough for now. I have left a trail of crumbs as to not lose my blog again. Until next time....



Anonymous said...

I must say that I missed you. If I had known you'd lost your blog, I would have come over to help search for it. Paul at the Print Shop says that the lost item is always on the bottom of the stack...or at least as far down as you go in the stack. MIL

Anonymous said...

Glad you found your blog again!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are blogging again. It keeps me entertained.