Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial Day Week

It has started. I know the calendar will tell you otherwise and this weekend is known as the unofficial start to summer, but I believe summer has started. The calendar just doesn't know better. To bolster my case I will give you the following facts.

Yesterday was the last day of school for Nora and Nigel. They are both a little bit sad. Each of them liked their teachers and made good friends during the year. Fortunately for them baseball started.

Nora had her first practice last night. She (and I for that matter) was a bit worried about playing this year. We missed last year and have not really picked up a bat or ball since t-ball. This year is coach pitch and there is a 10 pitch limit while at bat. The focus is still on teaching the fundamentals, but they are starting to implement more or the rules. Nora was concerned that the other kids would be way better than her as they had an extra year under their belts. This was not the case. She has a good arm, stays in front of the ball, and made decent contact at the plate. Their is only one boy there that could actually catch. She is right on pare with the rest.

Nigel starts t-ball tonight. He has no idea what he thinks of the whole idea. Some days he is very excited, others he just shrugs. I think he will have fun once he gets used to it. We are hoping one or more of his friends from class are on his team.

For the rest of the week....
Nora has practice Thursday evening, we have the PTO end of school movie night on Friday plus an after party at a friends house, both kids have games on Saturday. Enough right? Not so fast. Sunday brings the Fyke family reunion and a cook out that evening at a friends. Whew...done.

Oh wait...

I have a 4 mile race Monday morning, the Chiefs game at noon, and Nora has a game Monday night.

Now, you tell me summer has not started. It is going to be a good one!



Norm Deplume said...

I think I need to go back to bed-- I'm tired just thinking about the next 6 days.

Anonymous said...

You're a good dad! MIL

Anonymous said...

You're a good dad! MIL