Sunday, February 24, 2013

Run, Chris, Run

My hobby covers both topics for the week, to a degree.

Over the years I have had several short lived hobbies. I have been an amateur chef, at home brew master, and a recreational model rocket builder. None of them have really stuck (although I have plans to resurrect the brewing). The one thing which seems to have stood the test of time is running. I have been at it for a little over five years, and absolutely love it!

Running is also the hobby I wish I knew how to do or the time to learn. Now Wait a just a minute. I just said I have been running for five plus years. At this point I should know how to do it, right? I am moderately coordinated and rarely fall down while doing it, so, what is the issue? What is left to learn?

I want to get better.

Before I went back to school I was running on a very consistent basis, and was becoming fairly accomplished. The peak came at the U of I marathon weekend when I ran a 19 minute 56 second 5k Friday night and a 1 hour 37 minute half marathon Saturday morning. Later that same year I completed two ultra marathons as well.

I derive a great sense of satisfaction from being able to run for both speed and endurance. In spite of my accomplishments I do not feel I have reached my full potential as a runner. I have never pushed myself in a 5 or 10k to the point of complete exhaustion. I really want to learn what my body is capable of doing speed wise. The same can be said for the endurance distances. Barring an injury to my knee in my first ultra, I know I could have gone further and faster in that race. There is a lot that goes into training and conditioning the body to be able to do these various tasks, and I want to learn how to do it to the best of my ability.

For the time being I do not have the time or mental energy to devote to obtaining these things. To satisfy these needs I am focusing my attention on Nora. I am training her for a 1.2 mile run in May in conjunction with Peoria's first marathon. We are both excited and a bit nervous. For me, I am getting a little bit of running in, but most importantly I am sharing something I love with my daughter. Maybe someday running will be one of her favorite hobbies!

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