Thursday, June 5, 2014

What Next?

Before anyone who is near and dear to me freaks out, I am not making any major life changes. In your defense, there have been several on my part!

Life is just so cool!

We are truly blessed!

There are so many options in life. So many things for us to try. So many flavors to taste. So many people to meet.

How does one person fit it all in? How does one avoid being overwhelmed by choice, paralyzed by decision?

Just jump!

Close your eyes and jump in with both feet.

I had a saying in college. "I'll give it a whirl." I wanna live like that again. What's stopping me? What's stopping you?


Do you want to learn to play the cello? Go for it...take some lessons.

Get in better shape? Find a fun way to move every day. (Call me if you wanna run!)

Try a new food? Dig in. (Unless you are allergic it won't kill you!)

Make or have more friends? Introduce yourself to a stranger. (Most of us don't bite....and we are all social creatures!)

Just have at it.

Live life.

Enjoy life.

Be you, and....



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