Saturday, December 29, 2007

Weekend Update

I took the day off yesterday. Scared you didn't I? Well, never fear, No Worries weekend edition is here.

As has been well documented in previous writings we have a superhero filled household. Turns out we may actually have superheroes in the house, at least in their minds anyway. Yesterday Superman (Nigel) threatened to punch Wonderwoman (Nora). Her response...."If you do I will throw the whole couch and radio at you". I think that may have been a bit over the top, but I guess she figured Superman could handle the blow. Fortunately they worked out their differences and no furniture, radios or superheroes were harmed.

Update on the great beard debate:
Neat and Clean has a slim 6 vote lead. There have been some concerns that the pictures are skewing the vote. In my beard pics I am drinking a beer and driving a forklift, while in my neat and clean pics I am snuggling with kids and family. Additionally I did not include an option for a closely trimmed beard option. Unfortunately I cannot change my poll as it has already started. So, use your imagination on the closely trimmed beard and keep those votes coming!

Word of the weekend....

kahuna (kuh-HOO-nuh) noun

1. A priest or a medicine man.

2. An important person (usually in the phrase: big kahuna).

You all know that I am the big....well, no sense saying the obvious.



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Jim said...

I demand a recount. The chads were not adequately secured.