Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This will be short. What lead up to it was not.

Today I logged my 100th mile of running for the month.

I cannot explain how cool it was to look at my running log and see 100 miles for April. After my run on Sunday I saw that my scheduled distance for today was going to put me pretty much right on the the nose (the total is actually 100.2). Once I realized that, this run could not have come soon enough. I was telling anyone who would listen, and those who would not, about my upcoming milestone. The day could not end soon enough.

Once I got home I threw on my running shoes, a big smile (not to worry I had pants on as well), and I shot out the door. I can only imagine what people must of thought as I bound on down the road with an ear to ear grin and a wave for every passing car. Only I knew what I had done, and it was most likely only impressive to me. But damn it, I was stoked. Oh what a feeling, when we're dancin' on the ceiling.

Well, with that said, I have one more 2 mile run this month and then it is off to Champaign for the U of I half marathon. I am going to start May out right with 13.1 miles. Wish me luck.


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