Monday, October 11, 2010

I am an Ultra-Man

I run.

I run a lot.

As most people tend to do when they pick up a new hobby, past time, or what have you, I have done lot of reading on the subject. I have read Born To Run, subscribed to Runner's World and read various runner's blogs. Through out my readings I have been really impressed by the ultra-runners. For those that may not know, an ultra is any distance over the marathon distance of 26.2 miles. I have read their stories and seen the photographs of their accomplishments and been in awe. I could not fathom the thought of being able to do what they were doing. Sure, I have been successful in races of various distance ranging from the 5k to a half marathon, but never anything to compare to what these incredible athletes do. With that said you will understand my surprise with this picture.

The ultra-athlete in this picture just ran 30 miles. The ultra-athlete smiling back at me in this picture is,


How did I get here? How did I become the guy in the pictures that I used to stare at in awe? As I write this I am still in disbelief. Did I seriously just run 30 miles?

30 MILES!!!

Yes I did. I did it with a gentle nudge from a friend. Several hours of running with said friend and others. I did it with the support of a great wife and kids. I did it with the encouragement of a great community of runners. I did it with great determination and hard work.



Norm Deplume said...

Yeah ya did!

Anonymous said...

He's our 'ULTRA-SON'and we are ULTRA-PROUD!!

Anonymous said...

He's my Ultra Brother!

Adrian said...

Awesome! Careful as you try to move closer to 100 miles. Don't let the distance outweigh an injury. (I only say this after reading a piece by Dan Dustin - a leisure professor, where he describes his 100 mile journey)

Chris said...

Don't worry Adrian. 100 miles is a long way off for me. I like 30 and their are several opportunities around here to run that distance. I learned a couple important things during that run. One, your body is capable of far more than your mind would have you believe. Two, the mind still has the power to shut you down when it is needed.

Anonymous said...

Don't ANYONE worry. The minute I hear 'Ultra-Son' talking about a 100 mile Ultra, I will 'injure' him just enough so as to make that an impossibility. Which is a nice way of saying 'I'll kick his butt!!'

Norm Deplume said...

We'll be sure not to mention any future ultra-race plans to you then. ;)