Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lesson Learned 2

I do not really learn lessons well at all. So, I am sure the event I am about to relay will have no lasting impression on me at all. Hopefully it helps one of you.

An assistant manager from a local KFC came into the warehouse yesterday. He was there to pick up an order HE called in. I capitalized the word "he" as it is very important. I walked over to the area where we keep our tickets for pick up. There was a order there for 5 cases of chicken for the Glen St KFC. I assumed, (you know what assume means, right?) that the ticket was for him. Off I went to the cooler to get the 5 cases of chicken. I brought them out, loaded them onto my two-wheeler, and took them out to his vehicle. At that point he and I (yes, he helped me) loaded the 5 cases of chicken into his car.

Did I mention that these cases of chicken weigh 50 lbs each? No? These cases of chicken weigh 50 lbs a piece.

Back into the warehouse we go to sign the ticket. He looks at the ticket, notices it is for the Glen St. KFC, and says, "this is for Glen? I am from Bartonville. I was pretty sure I did not need any chicken; only a case of potato wedges".


I wonder at what point he realized the five 50 lb cases of chicken were not the one case of potato wedges he actually wanted?

What did I learn? When you assume that a KFC assistant manager knows what he ordered 15 minutes ago, you make an "ass" out of "u" (in this case said assistant manager) and "me" (played by yours truly).

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