Sunday, September 14, 2008


The votes are in, were counted, and a decision was made. Batman was the victor over Superman. However, I felt the Chrisophiles chose poorly. I mean come on, how do you pick a guy in an armored suit with fancy gadgets over the Man of Steel, faster than a speeding bullet, it was a race you know. Besides, I had to be fashion conscience. My running shorts are either red or gray and my Batman shirt is gray. I just would not look good. So, Superman was the new winner. You did not really think the No Worries blog was a democracy did you?

Superman served me well and the race was a success. This was the first time I had tried to run this distance at anything more than a 10 minute/mile pace, so I was not too sure how I would hold up. I held up well.

There were 418 people in the Pumpkin Festival 10K this year. I placed 104 with a time of 49:20. I was able to maintain a similar pace for the 10K that I ran in my 5K runs. I slowed up a bit in the last two miles to just over a 8min/mile pace, (had to save energy for the pumpkin pancakes). This will most likely be my last race for the year and I am very happy with what I have done in my first 6mths of running. I will maintain my training and focus a bit more on Nora and her progress. She really wants to be able to run a mile and eventually be able to be in a race with me.

Superman preparing to wave to his fans at the finish.

I still owe you all a post for Nigel's Batman birthday.

Cheers for now.


Anonymous said...

I voted Batman as I am a true supporter of Batman from working on the movies, but I wore almost the exact same shirt you wore when I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2000. Attire can inspire! Natalie

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I voted for Batman, but I wanted to change to Superman after a few days of thought. However, you can't change your vote, so I stuck with Batman. You looked really good in the Superman shirt! Congrats. MIL

Adrian said...

Nice work there. Also glad to hear you managed to snag some pumpkin pancakes!

PS saw this after I noticed it on facebook. It came as quite the shock.

Adrian said...

still very cool. I think Bob Kane would have been fine with your choice.

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad that I voted for Superman and that you chose to be Superman during the race. After all, Batman works at night, (the race was early morning), Batman needs gadgets, (they would have slowed you down), and like you said, 'faster than a speeding bullet' is pretty darn fast.

Love,a very proud Mom