Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spinach Is Merely a Plecebo...

Recently I found myself thinking about Popeye and his battles with Bluto and other ne'er-do-wells. Inevitably Popeye would find himself in a tight spot or in the process of being completely pummeled. Every single time he went for his can of spinach, consumed its contents, and then rained "h", "e", double hockey sticks down upon his over-matched opponent.

I contend that he never actually needed the spinach in the first place. Let's put aside the biological aspect of the picture. We all know the human body would not be able to digest the spinach, process the minerals and vitamins and then send them throughout to provide the needed power. That goes without saying, right?

My point is this:

The man just popped open the can with his bare hands, or...
He generated enough lung power to turn his little pipe into a blow torch.
I think he was doing just fine in the strength department. Popeye, stop toying with Bluto. It's just plain mean.

This is just a sample of the random thoughts that go through my head on a given day. And people wonder why I am always in a good mood.

Martini Time!


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Anonymous said...

As a kid I didn't like Popeye. I thought it was pointless and silly. But when I got older I found the cartoons to be entertaining if not enlightening. I think Popeye and Bluto are meant to illustrate that bullies will get their comeuppance, and that us weaklings will overcome. Sounds like a New Testament story, doesn't it. I wonder if anyone has ever preached a sermon on the subject of Popeye and Bluto. MIL