Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Race Day Approaches

The big day is approaching quickly. The race that started this whole running thing for me is this Saturday, the Pumpkin Festival 10K. The training has gone well and I am in good condition for the distance. I am looking forward to a nice run. However, the question of Superman or Batman still lingers. Who should it be? Now I normally do not campaign for one or the other, but how do you vote against "faster than a speeding bullet"? Although, Batman does have all those wonderful toys....

Go Vote!



Adrian said...

Well I figure you can be "faster than a speeding bullet", but Batman does always find a way to win.
Good luck in the race. Where are you hoping to place?
Is there a youngin' race Nora can try out for?
- Cousin Adrian

Chris said...

In response to Adrian's questions: First, I want to finish the race before the pumpkin pancake breakfast is out of food. Second, there is a 2 mile fun run/walk but Nora is not quite there yet...next year.

Adrian said...

a) Pumpkin Pancakes sound excellent! Plus its nice to hear thats at the end of the race instead of the beginning.
b) Very cool that sounds like an excellent goal.