Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Second Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Heard

A while ago I shared a story about a conversation that rattled around in my head, and drove me absolutely crazy. Click here for a refresher. Well, I have a new one. It is more of a statement than it is a story, but it rattles just the same.

One of the policies that we have at work is that all of our drivers must call in every morning and report on their status. It is therefore very common that I field calls from a driver or two. Today was no exception. The following is a direct quote from one of this mornings calls. "Somehow a sign got caught under my truck, and I have been dragging it down the road." Somehow!?!? I have an idea, do you?

News flash:

Date line Central Illinois. Reports are flying in across the region of suicidal road signs. Apparently signs, feeling unappreciated due to drivers total disregard of them and their message, are hurling themselves in front of oncoming traffic. One startled driver commented, "All I know is suddenly I heard a weird scraping and grinding noise".

Seriously! Somehow a sign got caught under your truck, really?

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Superman runs for arthritis.



Anonymous said...

Not only was your annecdote about the truck driver funny, but you wrote it very well. Ex-teacher MIL :-)

Norm Deplume said...

It's plausible. You know that our crayons sometimes get sick of living in their bucket and then venture out across the floor, looking for new adventures. Sometimes they drag their little crayon butts around and leave orange and blue skid marks all over the wood floor. And the ottoman.

Stupid unruly crayons.