Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Trot Down...

...Jingle Bell to go.

On Sunday I ran in the 38th annual Peoria Turkey Trot at Detweiller Park. I finished 5th in my age group and 56th overall with a time of 30:05. This was a 4 mile run whose course had a one mile climb and a one mile run on turf. I did not have a lot of experience running on either hills or turf going in and it cost me. In fact, the little training I did do on hills here in town actually caused me to injure myself (upper quad strain on my right leg) which I then aggravated halfway up the hill in the race. The injury forced me to walk for about .5 mile, and I had trouble getting a good stride going on the turf. All in all I cannot complain at all about my overall performance...5th isn't too shabby.

Nigel and I stretching.

Coming through the trees to the home stretch.

Next up is going to be my last race for the year, the Jingle Bell run for arthritis. It is a 5K fund raising race for arthritis. I would like to thank everyone who has helped out by contributing to the cause through me. I have two weeks until the race and would love some more, if you can and are interested please click here.
I also have a link to my donation page to the right on my blog.


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Anonymous said...

The picture "coming through the trees" is really classy. I think we have a master photographer in our midst!
Congrats on your run. I'm so glad it's YOU doing it, and not me! MIL