Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twelve And Counting....

...I hope.

I am thrilled that I have had 12 consecutive posts with a comment. They are mostly from from my parents and MIL, but hey, most of my readers are family. So, no need to split hairs, right? Keep 'em coming, please.

Did anyone catch my implied Larry King tone from the last post? I was going for completely random, unconnected thoughts with absolutely no segue. Who better to channel than the "King"?

I am currently watching an episode of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery channel. It revolves around the removal of abandoned mobile homes. It is both hilarious and frightening at the same time. It can best be described as one long 12 year old boys joke. The episode title is mannequin factory. Check it out if you find it in re-runs.

We had our very first parent-teacher conference on Monday. I was a very proud parent before, but! My Nora is the best!!! She is right on line with her reading and math and has very good handwriting. The thing that made me the happiest was the teachers comment about her creativity. The teacher cannot wait to see the creative twists Nora will add to their projects. She is a very creative little girl and is not afraid to do her own thing. Socially she has no issues. She loves her classmates and they love her.

We are nearing the end of our room re-model. It looks like a room. Yahoo!



Anonymous said...

I don't want to louse up your record, so I'll comment even though I don't have a thought in my head. I agree: Nora is the greatest! MIL

Anonymous said...


I haven't checked in for a while, so I wanted to say hi and let you know I'm still a faithful Chrisophile. I'm always interested to hear the kids' stories, especially the little league ones! Take care, buddy.


Anonymous said...

That's my firstborn grand daughter! How can she be anything else but perfect?!?

Mom and Grandma