Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tonight They Arrive.

I am pretty excited about a television program that is making a second coming tonight.

As you may remember in about 1985 NBC televised a mini-series called "V". It told the story of an alien invasion by a race that looked like humans and brought the promise of hope and a new golden age. However, beneath their human like exterior was the skin of a reptile and the cold blood to match. Once the Visitors true intentions were revealed the battle for Earth was on.

My brother and I and all of our friends loved it. In fact, that Halloween he and I both dressed as Visitors. Thanks again Mom for making some pretty awesome costumes.

Tonight, thanks to ABC, the Visitors return. I cannot wait to watch it. I can only imagine how much better it will be visually than back in the '80s. I have a few chilled New Castles and am ready for some serious T.V. watching.

During a commercial break why don't you head on over to my Jingle Bell Arthritis Run/Walk donation page. I am currently #4 among the top fund raisers. We can do better!


Anonymous said...

Sure would be great to see Chris EXCEED his goal of $1,000. Please help him and, more importantly, those the research and dollars will help!

A proud Dad

Anonymous said...

You're welcome for the costumes back in the 80's. If you and Brett agree, perhaps I could whip up so '09 costumes - in the event the program becomes a hit again and you want to be one of the hep guys!!!

Love, Mom