Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bit Of A Late Start

Well I have missed most of the first quarter of the year, but I am finally posting. I have a book worth of observations, rants and raves, and humorous stories, however I do not have the patience to write all of it down. Nor do I believe you would want to read the incoherent mess that would ensue. Instead I'll just start with current doings.

Let's go with the obvious subject, the theme of my blog and one of this households favorite hobbies...running. Currently I am training for the U or I half marathon which will take place on May 1st. This is the same half marathon I competed in last year and I am really looking forward to it this year. I got a later start on my training than I would have hoped, but the rust fell off relatively easily. I have been logging about 20 miles a week in 4 runs and doing strength training two days a week. I am in great shape and feeling pretty good about the race. My goal is to run 1h 45m or less.

As a tune up I am running in the Eureka Heart House 4 mile run. That is the first race in which I placed. I am looking to defend my 3rd place 35-39 male finish. That race will be run on April 17th. I will definitely post pictures and results from that race.

Robin has resumed her running and is eyeing the Washington Cherry Fest 5k on June 4th as her first race of the year. She has taken to barefoot running and is really enjoying it. The weather in these parts is the culprit for her later start. Snow, cold roads and barefeet do not mix. She would love to run in more than one race this year and I am sure she will do it.

As for the kids and their running, they will be taking part in the Illinois Valley Striders kids series. It is a run every Monday night at 6pm in Peoria for children 12 and under. We may not make it every week, but will do our best to hit the majority. Hopefully this will help lay a good foundation for some of the kids fun runs during the summer. I look forward to the day that they can run with us in a 5k! Additionally, they are both playing ball this year. Nora will be playing instructional baseball, coach pitches, and Nigel will take part in his first year in t-ball.

I think this has been a good start. What do you think?
More to come...I promise.


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Anonymous said...

Lookin' good! Glad to have you back. Can't criticize you at all, because lately I've been really lax about letting everyone in the world know my daily activities and opinions. MIL