Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Freakin' Out Man

I am under way too much stress these days. Due to the very cool networking site, Facebook, I have re-connected with several people from my past. This re-connection has brought new readers to the No Worries blog. With those new readers have come a few compliments on my humor and writing ability. Now I feel the pressure to perform, to have my "A" game on every time I plop down at the keyboard. As I type I am shaking with nerves...I'm freakin' out man. I am going to have ask for the patience of my Chrisophiles during this stressful time. My writings may be a bit off. Now onto todays thoughts.

I have had a few revelations about myself lately.


The music I loved in my youth is now in the classic rock range. Janes Addiction and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, to name a couple, have albums that are 20 years old.


My language has changed. I told a truck driver that the "potty" was the first door around the corner on the right.


I care even less what people think of me. Today I was rocking out Doug and Steve Butabi style to "Believe" by Cher for the world to see.

Last But Not Least:

I'm a hoot.



Anonymous said...

You're still right on! MIL

Anonymous said...

That's not Cher...that's Haddaway

Robin said...

I think he was doing the Haddaway/Butabi brothers head bop to a Cher song. In front of people. I am chagrined.

Anonymous said...

I'm Proud!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your literary skills will overcome any trepidition you might have about continuing your writing. But, you might want to double check before you do send some of your musings; you tend to leave out little words on occasion. Just a comment from your loving Mom!

But, keep on trucking (writing). I get a big kick out of your thoughts.

Love, Mom