Saturday, October 11, 2008


At the suggestion of Adrianne, Josh's wife, I have visited the Chicago marathons website. There they have a section that allows you to sign up and receive updates for specific runners at set milestones...10k, halfway, 30k, and of course the finish. The updates will be sent to me via e-mail. I am pretty excited to track his progress, and send out my good vibes. A lot of time and dedication goes into training for a run like this and I really want him to do well.

And now for something completely different...

I am getting ready to bottle my German Altbier. I used very little grains in this brew, mostly extracts so there is not as much of need for it to sit in my brewing bucket. I would like to get my vanilla porter brewed tomorrow as it will need more time to come together...more grains in this recipe.

Another subject change...

Did I mention I got new glasses?

You like?



Anonymous said...

I can't remember what the old glasses looked like. These look fine though. Very upscale (whatever that means.) MIL

Maria said...

Very swanky on the specs, Chris! Love 'em!

Anonymous said...

They would look better if they were not fighting your beard and mustache.

Guess Who!