Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Michigan Blues

The Michigan Wolverines football season has begun with a whimper. They are 2-3 with blowout loses to hated (at least by me) Notre Dame and Illinois. They do not have the right players to function in the system their new coach wants to run, and their defense spends too much time on the field. There is however, a bright side to all of this. There is no pressure. They cannot suffer that one crushing loss that will "ruin" the season. (See Appalachian St 2007) There is nothing pure viewing relaxation. No pressure, just eternal optimism, and the occasional surprise. (See Wisconsin 2008)

So when my Dad, brother and I head off to Happy Valley to watch Michigan play Penn St I will not go with fear of a loss, but instead optimism and my Tom Brady Michigan jersey.

Go Blue!

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Anonymous said...

Y'all look for us. We will be the 3 blue specs in a massive sea of white. The Penn State White Out is incredible!!

The 'Dad'