Monday, October 26, 2009

One of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days where you have really been looking forward to something but when the time comes you just can't seem to get excited for it?

Well that happened to me on Saturday before of all things a race. Now just so you understand, I am usually so worked up the night before a race that I can barely sleep. I go over it in my head countless times. When I finally try to sleep I stare at the clock as if I will be able to will the hours away. Once I am up I am pacing the downstairs and trying to hustle everyone out of the house. If I had it my way I would get to the race an hour early.

That was not the case this past weekend. I slept like a baby. Milled around the house in the morning convincing myself that 5 more minutes would not hurt. Once I got there I just did not feel any excitement. I told myself that once I started warming up I would be fine. It must the cool temps that were dampening my spirits. Nope, still did not really care. Surely after the race began my competitive fire would rise and I would be good to go. Yep, that was the ticket.

The gun sounded and I was off. Unfortunately after mile 2.25 I did not care, again. I slowed down and jogged it in the rest of the way. Up to that point I had been running at a personal best pace. That fact was not enough to keep me going. I crossed the line at 21:15. A decent time, but a far cry from the time I had hoped to post.

I am not sure what happened to me Saturday morning, but I hope that does not happen again any time soon. I have been grumpy and kicking myself for two days now. Thank goodness that I am not a world class Olympic athlete. If I had spent years getting ready for an event and then flop like I did on Saturday...Oye!

Hey, since I have your attention, do not forget the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis.


Anonymous said...

Don't blame yourself too harshly. Most of the time the body is really in charge. Tyrannical mind tries to make us believe else wise. Could have had a minor variation in testosterone production. But only your mind could make that a manhood leakage. Could have been magnetic gravity and all the iron in the steak you ate. Or any other organ or muscle group that didn't match your aspirations. Whatever it was ...That's out of the way now. Now you can focus on the new mind-body meld.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I have things like that happen to me all the time. I thought everybody did! I hope this will be your one and only experiene with event ennui. MIL