Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is not a revelation in its purest sense, but it was a moment of clarity.

As most of you know I manage a warehouse. With that comes the joy of managing hourly laborers. It seems that most of these people lack a certain amount of work ethic and like to blame "the man" for all of their short comings. "The man" in this case is almost always the owner of the company. On several occasions I have tried to encourage the guys to work a little harder, pick up the pace, or put in a little more time. The response is always, "I'm not doing anything extra for him, (the a fore mentioned "the man" ie. owner of the company). "He doesn't do anything for me". Oye!

My revelation:

I do not work for "the man". Now I know that technically I go to work, follow the guidelines he has laid out for his company, and collect a pay check from him. So, yes I work for him. However, at the end of the day I do not really care whether or not my efforts have made his life better. Do not get me wrong, I both like and respect my employer. However, I only care that my efforts make sure my bosses business stays open and profitable, to ensure I have a job. I work solely for the betterment of myself and my family. In short, I work for me, and why in the world would I not put in a little extra effort for me? Why would I not put in extra effort for my family? Have you seen them? They are cute, cool and a lot of fun!

In summary:

Be selfish. Work hard for your self and reap the benefits.

On the other hand...

Did you know that you can cut your ear while shaving your head?
You can!

Thanks to my Dad for getting the ball rolling on my Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis fund raising efforts!

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