Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cook's Night Out

Every 1st Wednesday of the month our church has a "cook's night out". It is an evening of fellowship and good food. Tonights fare was provided by Subway. Can't go wrong with a $5 foot-long.

Every once and a while there is a presentation. Tonight our associate pastors husband, who happens to be the chaplain at Eureka college, did a program on the colleges spring break. They took a group to the Yakima nation mission. Among other topics they covered the various livestock and crops that are produced there.

One of the crops they grow on their land is hops. Yes, people hops. Had I only known! As some of you may know, we are in the midst of a hop shortage. I am in desperate need of hops. It is tough to make a good beer without the flavoring and aroma characteristics of hops. When they were asking for donations I would have been front and center, and all I would have asked in return is for a health supply of hops. I would have forgone the warm feeling inside usually felt after doing a good deed.

I conclusion....

Anyone know where I can score some hops?


If you have a few minutes to spare watch this for a chuckle.

This is not how I brew.

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