Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I am shocked that I have not written in over a week. Plenty has happened that I could write about, but I guess I have just been a bit lazy. Pushing these little keys is tough.

Work events:

We had another bird in the warehouse. As there is no inspection upcoming the pacifist side of me has been on display. I allowed the little fella to fly around for a few days and work its way to the back garage. Once in there I trapped him and opened the doors to let him fly out.

My latest annoyance at work has been the complaints of gas prices. I have no issue with people being upset about the high prices. My problem is with people complaining and then rejecting all possible solutions to ease the situation. "Oh I couldn't possibly walk to the grocery store. It is 4 blocks away, how would I get the groceries home?" Ahhhh!

The Kids:

They both have bike helmets now. Nigel does not want to take his off. I think it may not be a bad idea that he wears his. He got his Daddy's coordination. Nora has regained her confidence in bike riding. When I got home she was riding up and down the sidewalk. Today was a big day for Nora. Queen day at her school. All the boys escorted the girls to and from class, and the girls were allowed to pick some of their activities today.

Robin and I:

We are counting down to the release of Iron Man. Baby sitters have been lined up. We will be there on Saturday.

I am training for the Morton Pumpkin Festival 10k. I am taking it very slowly to make sure I do not hurt myself. I am using a training program from running online. It takes you from the couch to a 10k in 20 weeks. Today I went out and did a 3 mile walk/run. I ran a total of 2 miles in intervals...walk .25, run .5. It felt pretty good.

I know that I promised to publish the six work bios this past Saturday, but I did not post an entry. Also, I do not have that many entries yet. I would love to get a few more before I post on Friday. Come on Chrisophiles....make me proud.


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Anonymous said...

Jim and I saw someone walking northin on 117 last Sunday morning. Jim thought it was you, but I said, "No. Why would he be walking so far from home?" Maybe it was you! MIL