Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why My Dad Could Never Be A......

Truck driver.

For those of you who know him you may think NEVER is a strong choice of words. After all my Dad loves to travel, get off the beaten path, and meet new people. Truck drivers do just that. Over the last year and a half I have met a number of drivers that seem to be doing just that. They tell me of the interesting places they have been and people they have met. Maybe driving a truck would not have been so bad for my Dad.


Two reasons make this vocation impossible.

1. A vast majority of the drivers that come into my facility have no idea where they are going when they head out. So many in fact that I am starting to believe this is a personality trait of drivers. I field no less that 5 calls a day from drivers needing directions. Can any of you imagine my Dad leaving the house with out carefully plotting his route and then double checking it with his Tom Tom while en route?

2. And this is the most important...
Truck drivers spend a lot of time sitting and waiting. Whether it be waiting to be loaded/unloaded, or to find out what their next destination may be. My Dad is not a patient man.

I hope you enjoy this early morning fare.


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