Saturday, April 12, 2008

Homework Assignment

Alright Chrisophiles it is time to learn a little bit more about each other and ourselves at the same time.

I would like each of you to post a six-word biography. Can you manage to sum up you in six words? How about 3 six-word phrases? What does your life really boil down to? I wanna know.

Better explanation and examples here.

To get you started here are the six-word biographies of Robin and Chris:


skinny smart yarnie with a neckache
not yet rich, but already eccentric
spends too much time inside head


Hubby Superdad Brew Meister Meister Brewer
Laid-back goofy getting fit magnetic
Easily angered by repetitively stupid people

Please reply to either the comment section of this blog, or to my e-mail address. In two weeks, April 26, I will compile and post them here...with your permission of course. I think this will be pretty fun, so please participate.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dancing beer drinking social butterfly extraordinaire

fluffy thirty-five year old cousin

Angelica the bossy mouthy older sister