Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Grill Night #4 and other thoughts....

There was no grill night #4. In its place was a night out for my Moms birthday.


Robin, the kids and I joined my Mom and Dad for a nice dinner at Bistro 320, a local independently owned restaurant. The meal was nice and we had an opportunity to meet the chef, Leo. He was a very nice guy and a talented chef. Being there brought back a lot of memories from my old restaurateur days. Really tasty food, but not enough butts in the seats. It frustrates me to see Peoria not support local business, restaurants in particular.

All people here seems to want is mass produced mediocre fare and to be told it is fancy. I am sure this phenomenon exists in every town as can be evidenced by the new Pizza Hut commercial. You know the one introducing their new pasta dishes. Supposedly patrons in an upscale New York City Italian restaurant are fooled by the great taste of the Huts new pasta. They actually think they are sampling the chefs new creations. Fancy decor, white table clothes, a good show by the chef and maitre d, and pre-made frozen food is all you need.

Do I detect a note of bitterness in my writing. Could I still be upset that Dominic's was and is still not a raging success? Could be...

Well, at least I have my wonderful Steadfast Stout. Yum, yum, yum!


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