Sunday, May 4, 2008

A First

On Saturday May 31st at 7 a.m. Washington, IL is hosting the first annual Washington Cherry festival 5k run. On Saturday May 31st at 7 a.m. I am running in my first 5k. Guess where. I am excited. This will be my first run in preparation for the Morton Pumpkin Festival 10k. I have no illusions of actually competing in the run, but it is going to be a blast participating. In exchange for my entry fee the race officials are going to provide me with a performance t-shirt and a ticket for the pancake and sausage breakfast.

Overall the training is going very well. I am sticking to my program and progressing well. I am up to 14 miles a week of a run/walk mix. Today was a 5 mile outing that consisted of .25mi walks alternated with .50mi runs. Robin is putting my runs to good use as well. This morning she had me pick up some items from the grocery store on the way home.

The weather here is pretty nice and fairly cool. Perfect for brewing. I am not one to pass up good brewing weather. I made a citrus blonde today. This is the second brew I have made from a recipe instead of a kit, and the first that I have actually remembered to write down the recipe. That way if it is a success like my stout and New Moon, I have a chance of replicating it. Next up is a Vanilla Porter.

Yesterday was the movie event of the decade. Iron Man!! Robin and I sent the kids off for a sleep over with Grandma and Grandpa Robinson and off we went. The movie blew away our expectations. I am a huge Batman and Superman fan, but this movie was the best superhero film to date. Go see it now.



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Anonymous said...

Will Nigel and Nora get to see the movie when you get it on DVD, or does it have too much stuff for their tender young minds to deal with? I hope not, because I know how much they are looking forward to seeing the movie.

I got another Iron Man toy at Burger King today. This one has Iron Man with flames shooting out of his fists.

Gma Karen